Naruto: Why Itachi Uchiha is so popular despite having less screen time

Itachi Uchiha (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Itachi Uchiha (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Naruto has seen some great characters who stole the show even though they weren't the main protagonist. The series has always been appreciated for its character development and the legendary backstories that make every character worth their screen time.

There are also some characters who've made their mark despite getting much less screen time compared to others. One of them is Itachi Uchiha.

The Uchiha clan has a reputation for being the most powerful clan in the anime. It is the one clan in Konohagakure that villains fear the most. Almost every clan member, namely Sasuke Uchiha, Madara Uchiha, Obito Uchiha, and Itachi Uchiha, has created a name for themselves in the fandom of Naruto.

Itachi's character development, backstory, and superpowers have all resulted in him gaining such a great fanbase.

Naruto: Some reasons behind Itachi Uchiha's enduring popularity despite such a short screentime

Itachi Uchiha is one of the reasons why people love watching Naruto. It is certainly true that his fanbase far exceeds that of every other character in the series, thanks to qualities that make him a favorite. Despite being a part of the greatest clan in Konohagakure, Itachi didn't let it overshadow his own reputation at all.

Besides having a superior intellect and a never-ending list of superpowers, he was fundamentally a good human being. This is why, although he had to go rogue and kill his own clan, he is still loved by fans worldwide.

The fact that he destroyed his clan to save his younger brother and the village shows how committed he was.

Itachi is considered to be legendary for a lot of reasons, but his powers top them all. In Naruto, Itachi had the Sharingan, which later developed into the Mangekyo Sharingan. Along with it, he could use Genjutsu, perform fire, wind, water, as well as yin and yang releases. He also knew Bokijutsu and Ninjutsu, and his Chakra control since his childhood was unmatchable.

His intelligence was unmatched and his calmness during a battle was also phenomenal, making him a formidable foe.

While his powers could have cast him in an intimidating light, he is widely hailed by fans to be a loving person, as he cared a lot about everyone. He loved his little brother Sasuke and was devoted to the people of Konohagakure, and ultimately put himself in grave danger just to save them.

Itachi was an extremely selfless person who looked to help others before helping himself out of a situation.

This is why he was the chosen one for the secret mission to destroy his own clan by the leaders of the Hidden Leaf Village. They knew very well that if anyone could complete the task, it would definitely be Itachi. He was given the option to save Sasuke and destroy the whole clan and he did it because he wanted his younger brother to live.

All these reasons combined made Itachi Uchiha such a legendary character in Naruto, which explains why his fanbase continues to exist even today, despite his demise. He will always be hailed as one of the greatest ninjas of all time.