Naruto: Why Tobirama hated Uchiha clan, explained

Understanding why Tobirama felt a certain way towards the Uchiha clan in the series (Image via Masashi Kishimoto, Shueisha, Viz, Naruto)
Understanding why Tobirama felt a certain way towards the Uchiha clan in the series (Image via Masashi Kishimoto, Shueisha, Viz, Naruto)

Tobirama and his feelings towards the Uchiha clan are known to the entire Naruto fanbase. Tobirama is someone who invented some of the most advanced jutsus that shaped the Shinobi world towards the end of Shippuden. He was the legendary shinobi Hashirama’s brother and was the second Hokage of Konohagakure as well.

Despite all the impressive innovations in the field of ninjutsu, the character is well-known for his feelings towards the Uchiha clan in the Naruto series. A lot of fans think that he is racist and despises the clan with every fiber of his being. This might not be entirely true, but he certainly doesn’t hide how he feels about them. Let’s take a look at Tobirama and why he feels a certain way about the aforementioned clan.

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Naruto: Understanding Tobirama’s feelings towards the Uchihas

Before we get into why Tobirama has a certain outlook towards the Uchihas, it is important for us to acquaint ourselves with the Warring States Period. the time before the Hidden Villages were formed. The countries were small, and they were constantly at war in order to gain land and control. This was one of the most violent time periods, if not the most violent time period in the Shinobi world. While most countries were at war, two clans made a name for themselves on the battlefield. These clans were the Senju clan and the Uchiha clan. Since these clans were always at war, their hatred increased substantially.

Even when Konohagakure was formed in the Naruto series, the members of the respective clans were extremely wary of each other. They didn’t trust each other despite Madara and Hashirama’s efforts of reaching a compromise to live a peaceful life. Since Madara and Hashirama shared a history of going up against each other, Tobirama wanted to keep an eye on all the Uchiha clan members.

In the Naruto series, he even respected the Uchiha clan members’ devotion and allegiance to the clan. However, the reason why he had strong feelings towards them was the fact that their emotions could cloud their judgment.

Tobirama even gave an explanation in the Naruto series regarding the Uchiha clan and their eyes. When a member of the Uchiha clan has a deep connection with a loved one and then loses that loved one, a specific type of chakra is released in the person’s brain. This results in the formation of the Sharingan, or the eyes that reflect the heart. Tobirama didn’t particularly hate them, but this phenomenon was potentially dangerous to the safety of the village which was why he didn’t trust them blindly.

To sum things up, it is easy for someone to think that Tobirama hated the Uchihas. But the truth was that he was careful and didn’t really hide how he felt about them either. He wasn’t someone who was extremely diplomatic, which is why his best interests of the village could be confused for hatred.