Anime Expo 2022: Safety protocol ignorance leaves otakus enraged

The community is worried about the attendees' safety at the Anime Expo (Image via Twitter/@AniTrendz)
The community is worried about the attendees' safety at the Anime Expo (Image via Twitter/@AniTrendz)

Anime Expo is one of the biggest conventions that takes place every year in Los Angeles. Whil it was an online event last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the convention has resumed in-person events in 2022.

While the convention is popular, fans didn’t expect this kind of an outcome since the world is still recovering from the pandemic. Let’s take a look at how some of the fans reacted to the opening day of the convention.

Anime Expo compromises safety standards, leaves community worried about attendees' health

Anime Expo is one of he biggest events that are held for the community. Some of the best anime and manga content creators, artists and voice actors are invited, and fans travel from all parts of the world for its sheer scale and popularity.

Some fans didn’t expect such a large crowd this year around since the world is still recovering from the pandemic. The sense of anticipation and excitement is understandable since the expo will be graced by some of the most popular content creators like Joey (TheAnimeMan), Connor (CDawgVA) and Garnt (Gigguk).

However, fans expect the staff to maintain certain standards and have protocols in place with regards to health adn safety.

In case anyone was wondering if the crowds were coming back for Anime Expo this year

According to one of the fans, that wasn’t the case. Owing to the massive crowds, the staff stopped checking for negative COVID-19 test certificates after a point. This could pose a threat to the well-being of the attenders.

This attendee was worried that the event could be a potential super-spreader owing to the large crowds and lax safety protocols.

@LyssLyss15 @neumaverick lol AX staff stopped checking for vaccination cards or neg tests after a while and were just giving wristbands out to everyone. superspreader event 1000%

While the possibility of this occurring is slim, one of the Twitter users was worried about the possibility of a stampede. While not much is known about the crowd control procedures that are in place, one can assume that the staff anticipated the crowd and has adequat measures in place.

@neumaverick @cillia Holy shit. This is in no way safe wtf. Even if Covid didn’t exist, these crowds could cause injuries from trampling and stuff.

Another major concern that many Twitter users have is that the image that was shared featured a ton of people without masks. Given what the world witnessed when the COVID-19 outbreak took place, one would assume that Anime Expo would have made the use of masks mandatory to enter the event.

I know Anime Expo is a large con but there is literally ZERO mask enforcement!! @AnimeExpo this is supposed to be a MASKED event for everyone’s Covid safety!!! What gives??
@neumaverick Way too many maskless or improperly masked faces and I don't think it's possible to have an event of this size and it not turn into a superspreader even and honestly a little dissapointed they went all in on back to normal with an easily circumvented/falsified requirement.
@neumaverick I spy with my little eye some maskless folks.
@neumaverick not me zooming in an seeing a ton of unmasked people! ugh be safe yall

Some members of the anime and manga community even went to the extent of expressing their delight at not attending the event. Some users even mentioned how the picture was giving them anxiety owing to the sheer volume of people that were present at the Anime Expo.

Some expressed their frustration for the way the event has been organized. One of the biggest issues fans have was that the event didn't have a ticket cap, and this led to massive crowds in the building. There came a point when the Fire Marshals and the LACC stopped allowing people inside.

This is 1000% why I am still not vending at or doing large conventions/events. Y'all are crazy if you think your vax & mask & hand sanitizer can withstand that many people crammed together like that. (Anime Expo, btw, fire marshal stopped letting people in For. Good. Reason.)…

Many people are concerned about the well-being of the attendees as it seems like the staff has compromised the safety standards in order to accommodate more footfalls.

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