Beloved One Piece director Megumi Ishitani set to direct Episode 1015, adaptation of 1,000th chapter

A screenshot from Ishitani's directorial debut for the series (Image via Toei Animation)
A screenshot from Ishitani's directorial debut for the series (Image via Toei Animation)

Twitter user and One Piece anime information leaker @YonkouProd recently leaked information regarding upcoming episodes of the adaptation. Of particular significance is the return of the beloved Megumi Ishitani, who, in most of the community’s eyes, feel is the best director to ever work on the series.

Having only directed two episodes of the series so far, Ishitani created absolute masterpieces, which instantly captivated fans. These two episodes are 957 and 982, which primarily detail the Revery fallout and introduction of Tobi Roppo.

Follow along as this article breaks down all available information on One Piece’s upcoming episodes and currently known staff.

One Piece anime's 1000th episode adaptation features all-star direction staff

Known staff

One Piece Episode 1014-1015 StaffBREAK ON MARCH 131014: Marco's Tears! Background of the Whitebeard PiratesED: Katsumi Tokoro/AD: Masahiro Shimanuki1015: Straw Hat Luffy - The Man Who Will Become King of the PiratesED: Megumi Ishitani/ADs: Keisuke Mori and Hirotaka Ito

As aforementioned, the beloved Megumi Ishitani is set to return to One Piece in a directorial manner. Her previous work on One Piece episodes 957 and 982 have solidified her superstar status in the eyes of the series’ fans.

Megumi Ishitani, the deity behind One Piece Ep. 957 & 982 will be returning to direct Episode 1015 of One Piece, which is set to adapt Chapter 1000. Supporting her are Hirotaka Ito & Keisuke Mori as Animation Directors. Mori is one of the most talent animators of our generation.…

Ishitani will be taking on the executive director role, overseeing the general direction and production of the episode. Keisuke Mori and Hirotaka Ito will be joining her, acting as animation directors for episode 1015.


Mori, in particular, is hailed as one of this generation's most incredible animating talents. His most famous work is the key animation he did on Dragon Ball Super: Broly, a film that received most of its praise based on its animation quality.

@YonkouProd Animation Director: Keisuke Mori (Masami Mori) ; who already worked with Ishitani on ep 957 (he did the Morgan's scenes).

While generally less well-known than Mori and Ishitani, Hirotaka Ito is a long-time animator for the series. Evidence suggests he’s been part of the adaptation team since roughly halfway through the Whole Cake Island arc. Ito’s key animation, particularly in the Wano arc, has led to captivating and breathtaking sequences.

Key Animator: Hirotaka Ito (伊藤公崇)Source: One Piece #949

The combined efforts of all three incredibly talented individuals seem to set One Piece Episode 1015 up to be one of the biggest episodes in the series. Considering what will be adapted in this episode, it may even surpass One Piece’s thousandth episode in terms of fan excitement and reception to quality.

Ishitani’s previous works


However, fans are incredibly excited about the return of Ishitani in particular. Perhaps due to her more spotlighted role as director, she seems to be nearly the only one fans can talk about.

@YonkouProd we getting a movie for chapter 1000

Her two previous episodes were spectacularly done, from pacing to official soundtrack pairings to overall quality. Many fans cited episode 957, in particular, as a crowning achievement for the young woman and her directorial skills.

Episode 982, meanwhile, builds on top of the legacy Ishitani established in her directorial debut. Episode 982 reminded fans of her talent and skills but, more importantly, showed that the level of quality she’s capable of can be dependably reproduced.

The excitement around her selection for director of the thousandth chapter's adaptation stems from what the chapter signifies the start of. Manga fans colloquially refer to it as "Roof Piece," where characters such as Zoro, Luffy, and others yet to be implied in the anime reach the Skull Dome's Rooftop.

For many manga fans, this is where the Onigashima Raid truly becomes exciting and engaging. While the build-up still captured and kept fans' attention to this point, author Eiichiro Oda seems to flip the switch in terms of quality once the thousandth chapter is released. Fans expect Ishitani to soar to even higher heights with her adaptation.

In summation

Despite a short track record, Megumi Ishitani has earned her spot in the hearts of One Piece fans everywhere. Likewise, the episode's animation directors Keisuke Mori and Hirotaka Ito have fantastic track records, outside of One Piece for the former and within the series for the latter.

Fans expect Ishitani to continue striking gold, as she did previously with episodes 957 and 982. Despite only being her third series episode as a director, fans are incredibly excited to hear her attached to the 1000th chapter's adaptation.

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