Chainsaw Man: Anime watchers deem Denji's character as shallow after Episode 1

Despite the hype surrounding the newly released Chainsaw Man, anime watchers seem to have different opinions regarding its protagonist
Despite the hype surrounding the newly released Chainsaw Man, anime watchers seem to have different opinions regarding its protagonist

The Chainsaw Man's anime release was one of the most hyped releases. Despite all the titles in the 2022 Fall Anime list, Tatsuki Fujimoto's series was at the top.

Episode 1 of the anime introduced viewers to Denji, the lovable Pochita, and at the end, Makima. To say that the first episode lived up to the buzz is an understatement. With Episode 2 on the horizon, fans are already preparing for another bout of excitement. However, some anime watchers had mixed feelings toward Denji, deeming his character "shallow."

Chainsaw Man: Anime watchers are reacting to Denji's thought-provoking character after Episode 1

Following Episode 1, viewers of the anime began to tag Denji as "shallow." His goals, shown in the first episode, display just how deprived he is and that even basic necessities are a luxury for him.

At one point, he talks about not being able to bring a girl back to his shack due to its shabby nature. He stated that if he could be granted one wish, he'd pick being with a girl before he died.

Fans felt that Chainsaw Man's Denji lacked the motivation and drive that could get him out of his problems.

The beginning of the series showed that he was willing to swallow a cigarette in exchange for 100 yen. This again prompted viewers to say that he was "shallow" as he would go to any lengths to make an extra buck.

While there were naysayers, lots of others loved Denji from the get-go. To them, his demotivated self was more of an issue stemming from childhood trauma. Viewers felt that it was this very "shallowness" that drove him.

Once again, memes arose. Fans were up and about to defend Chainsaw Man's protagonist. They felt that Denji's desires and seeming lack of emotion was because of his inexperience in handling complex emotions and forging relationships, given his unfortunate upbringing. His "shallow" moments always had a deeper meaning to them.

Final Thoughts

Once again, Episode 1 of Chainsaw Man lived up to its hype. Manga readers were already familiar with its characters. However, first-time viewers were in for a treat with the anime adaptation.

Fujimoto's series is known for keeping fans on the edge of their seats, but the first episode eased viewers into the cruel world of Chainsaw Man. Unlike other anime, where the protagonist has a definite goal, Denji's is nowhere comparable. Starved of even the necessities of life, he dreams of having "bread with jam" and "going on a date."

At first, Denji's character may seem shallow. But the series pushes viewers to think deeper. Anyhow, the first episode might be too soon to pass judgment.

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