Chainsaw Man episode 3 crashes Crunchyroll servers as fans swarm streaming site

Fans were almost as sad as Power upon seeing Chainsaw Man
Fans were almost as sad as Power upon seeing Chainsaw Man's third episode crashing Crunchyroll servers (Image via MAPPA Studios)

The release of Chainsaw Man episode 3 and the excitement around it resulted in Crunchyroll servers going down early in the afternoon on Tuesday, October 25. Fans swarming the site to watch the new episode at its 12 PM EDT release time were shocked to see the website down.

Soon enough, fans took to Twitter to express their surprise at how the release of Chainsaw Man episode 3 caused the server to crash almost immediately. While the release of the series’ first episode was met with similar enthusiasm, both manga fans and anime-onlies were shocked to see the series’ third episode having such an effect on the fandom.

Nevertheless, it’s clear that the swarming of fans to the site is what caused Crunchyroll’s servers to go down earlier in the afternoon. Follow along as this article fully breaks down the latest news on the impact of Chainsaw Man episode 3 on Crunchyroll servers, as well as fans’ reactions to the events.

Chainsaw Man episode 3 hype causes fans to crash Crunchyroll before taking to Twitter

Crunchyroll down because of everyone trying to watch Chainsawman

While Chainsaw Man episode 3 crashing the Crunchyroll servers is somewhat shocking, it’s not entirely surprising for the series or its fans. As one of the most highly-anticipated shows of the season, the crashing of the Crunchyroll servers during the premiere was somewhat expected, considering that other series and sites have historically faced similar issues.

However, not even manga readers would have suspected the series’ third episode to have a similar effect. Even the most dedicated fans have shared similar sentiments on social media, expressing both joy and surprise at the series’ apparent raging success. Nevertheless, it seems the premiere of the series’ third episode has indeed taken the streaming service down, although temporarily.

Fans’ reactions

Chainsaw Man fans who were familiar with the series prior to its anime adaptation’s release seem ecstatic that the series has reached such a level of success. The news of Chainsaw Man episode 3 crashing Crunchyroll prompted many fans to take to Twitter:

Chainsaw Man really is taking over man because the Crunchyroll servers are down lol
@Crunchyroll's down? Must be Tuesday
gotta laugh chainsaw man power episode should be up and crunchyroll goes down 😂

However, anime-only fans seem to be particularly upset for being unable to log in and view the latest episode of the series. Thankfully, the crash only lasted a short while, with most users reporting the site as being fully functional 30 minutes after initial reports.

did chainsaw man take crunchyroll down
Me now sitting here because crunchyroll is down

While the above posts reflect the predominant sentiments of the two aforementioned groups of fans, they’re certainly not fully representative of the mixed feelings expressed by many Chainsaw Man enthusiasts.

Several manga fans were definitely upset to see the episode delayed, while many anime-only fans expressed joy at the series’ success. What can be safely concluded, based on the day’s events, is that everyone is talking about Chainsaw Man.

Be sure to keep up with all Chainsaw Man anime and manga news, as well as general anime, manga, film, and live-action news as 2022 progresses.

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