One Piece: Ace's Story manga confirmed to be released in 2024

One Piece: Ace
One Piece: Ace's Story manga confirmed to be released in 2024 (Image via Toei Animation)

One of the most exciting supplemental series in the manga industry in recent years has been the One Piece: Ace’s Story novel series. Written by Sho Hinata and Tatsuya Hamazaki for the first and second volumes, respectively, the spin-off series is a canonical retelling of Portgas D. Ace’s journey as a pirate prior to the mainline series.

The first volume of the One Piece: Ace’s Story novel was released in three parts in the first three issues of the series’ magazine. These three parts were first compiled into a single volume in April 2018, with a second compiled volume being released in Japan in June 2018. Fans rave over the series’ quality as well as how exciting it is to see Ace’s origins.

While there hasn’t been any addition to the One Piece: Ace’s Story mythos since June 2018, fans have been clamoring for more to be added in some way, shape, or form. Excitingly, a recent announcement from Viz Media appears to have promised fans that their wishes will be granted early next year.

One Piece: Ace’s Story manga adaptation set to receive English publication in Spring 2024, per Viz Media

The latest

Officially titled One Piece episode A in Japanese, the manga series is an adaptation of the aforementioned One Piece: Ace’s Story literary novels. Per Viz’s tweet, the title of the coming English translation seems set to be the same as the novels. The manga first began publication in the tenth volume of the series’ official magazine, which was released on September 16, 2020, in Japan. Like the novels they’re based on, the manga is considered canon for the mainline series.

Especially exciting about the manga adaptation is that Boichi of Dr. Stone and Sun-Ken Rock fame was responsible for the illustration work on the manga adaptation. Boichi is considered one of the greatest illustrative mangakas of the current generation, mentioned in the same breath as Yusuke Murata, Hiromu Arakawa, and more.

As mentioned above, the Ace’s Story novels and subsequent manga adaptation focus on Ace’s journey as a pirate prior to the start of the mainline series. The series begins with the formation of the Spade Pirates, the crew Ace captained before joining up with the Whitebeard Pirates. How Ace came to find his famous Flame-Flame Devil Fruit is also detailed in these opening chapters.

The series then follows the journey of Ace and the Spade Pirates up until Ace’s battle with Jinbe, as shown in the mainline series. This then results in his joining the Whitebeard Pirates, which is also where Boichi’s manga adaptation ends. The English translation of Boichi’s manga adaptation is set to be released in Spring 2024. The original novels are available to purchase in English now from major retailers and book stores.

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