One Piece: 10 strongest Whitebeard pirates, ranked

Whitebeard's power was beyond comprehension in One Piece (Image via Toei Animation)
Whitebeard's power was beyond comprehension in One Piece (Image via Toei Animation)

In terms of fighting prowess, the Whitebeard pirates have cemented their place in One Piece history.

Edward Newgate used to be considered the strongest man in the world. It's no surprise that Whitebeard holds very high expectations for his crew members. They were considered equals to the Roger Pirates, often heralded as the greatest pirate crew in the One Piece series.

The World Government rightfully saw the Whitebeard pirates as major threats. During the Paramount War, the former used up all their resources just so they could the latter. Without a doubt, they are a force to be reckoned with. This list will look at its strongest members from the past and present.

The most powerful Whitebeard pirates in the One Piece series

10) Little Oars Jr.


This One Piece giant puts most of his species to shame. Little Oars Jr. is a descendent of the legendary Oars.

With that in mind, his pain tolerance is second to none. Oars Jr. withstood a lot of damage in the Paramount War. It took three Warlords to overpower him in the end. Before that, he didn't have any trouble fighting the rest of the Marine forces.

Oars Jr. is around 60 meters tall, making him one of the biggest giants that One Piece has ever seen.

9) Nekomamushi


Back in the past, Nekomamushi and Inuarashi stowed away on Whitebeard's ship, just so they can follow their master Kozuki Oden. Several years later, they would become the rulers of the Zou kingdom.

Nekomamushi is a physically gifted fighter, since he can evenly fight Jack of the Beasts Pirates. He is a Mink, which means he can use Electro abilities. When the full moon rises, he can activate his ultimate Sulong form.

During the Onigashima Raid, he teamed up with Inuarashi to completely destroy Jack. The Sulong form significantly increases his physical stats tenfold.

8) Inuarashi


Inuarashi can do pretty much anything that Nekomamushi can do, since they are regarded as equals. They are considered the strongest Minks in the One Piece series. He is especially dangerous when he activates his Sulong form.

7) Vista


Vista ran the 5th Division in his crew. He was a highly capable swordsman and a veteran member of the Whitebeard Pirates. Vista has several years of experience, which is why he didn't suffer any injuries during the Paramount War.

Impressively, he managed to evenly duel Dracule Mihawk, despite the latter using a Supreme Grade sword. Mihawk outright said any swordsman worth his salt needs to be aware of Vista.

6) Portgas D. Ace


The son of the late Pirate King, Ace had a lot of potential to grow. He was only 20 when he became the 2nd Division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates.

Ace was very formidable with the Mera Mera no Mi, a Logia fruit that turns users into fire. He could destroy entire cities with his full powers.

When he visited Drum Island, it was revealed that Ace could stop entire blizzards just by standing there. He could also use every type of Haki, which is very rare. Only the strongest One Piece fighters can achieve this particular feat.

5) Jozu


Jozu was the 3rd Division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. He is unbelievably strong, given that he can throw a huge ice sheet at a squad of giants. Jozu is also surprisingly agile for a man his size.

The Kira Kira no Mi allows users to become as hard as a diamond. He even survived a direct slash from Dracule Mihawk. The latter is the best swordsman in the One Piece series, so that is no easy feat.

Jozu is quite proficient with Busoshoku Haki, since he can bypass the natural defenses of Logia users. He dealt a few strikes to Aokiji and Crocodile in the Paramount War.

4) Marco the Phoenix


One Piece fans can expect a lot from the 1st Division commander. A bounty of 1,374,000,000 bellies is a strong indication of his strength.

Marco ate a Mythical Zoan fruit that can turn him into a phoenix. This gives him regenerative healing properties with his flames. He can also reflexively dodge attacks from Akainu's magma and Kizaru's light beams.

He is a world class doctor, which makes sense given his powers. Marco is a great support unit in case the Whitebeard Pirates suffer injuries.

3) Kozuki Oden


Several decades ago, Oden decided to leave the borders of Wano Country. He became the 2nd division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates.

Oden was a master swordsman who carried two potent blades, Enma and Ame no Habakiri. He permanently scarred Kaido 20 years ago, something that very few One Piece characters are capable of. The world's strongest creature outright considered Oden to be the greatest samurai he ever fought.

Gol D. Roger practically begged Whitebeard to let Oden join his own crew.

2) Marshall D. Teach - Blackbeard


Sometime in the past, Teach used to be a member of the Whitebeard Pirates. However, he betrayed the crew when he killed Thatch, having obtained the Yami Yami no Mi in the process.

This powerful Devil Fruit allows him to become the embodiment of darkness. He can also cancel out Devil Fruit powers. Known by the name Blackbeard, he takes full responsibility for destroying the Whitebeard Pirates in the Paramount War.

Not only did he capture Ace and send him to his death, Blackbeard also managed to kill Whitebeard and steal his Devil Fruit. To add insult to injury, he completely overwhelmed the rest of the crew in the Payback War.

1) Edward Newgate - Whitebeard


With a bounty of 5,046,000,000, Whitebeard had the second highest bounty in the One Piece series. He was able to summon powerful quakes via his Gura Gura no Mi. Whitebeard also held Murakumogiri, a ridiculously strong weapon that was classified as a Supreme Grade Sword.

Even in death, Whitebeard never turned his back against the enemy. During the Paramount War, his legendary endurance was put on full display:

  • Half his head was blown off by Akainu's magma fist
  • Was stabbed 267 times
  • Shot by 152 bullets
  • Got hit by 46 cannonballs
  • Suffered cardiac arrest

Remarkably, the pirate didn't have any scars on his back due to not having run away from any battle. In the end, it took a combined effort from the Blackbeard Pirates to finish him off. Even then, Whitebeard still died standing up, a truly exceptional feat in One Piece.

The Whitebeard Pirates begin and end with their powerful leader. One Piece fans will never forget his Herculean feats.

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