One Piece Chapter 1038 (spoilers): Zoro's visitor, Kidd and Law's determination, and more

Who could Zoro’s mysterious, skeletal visitor be? (Image via Toei Animation)
Who could Zoro’s mysterious, skeletal visitor be? (Image via Toei Animation)

Reputable leaker and Twitter user Orojapan has leaked initial spoilers for the upcoming One Piece Chapter 1038. Oro has proved accurate dozens of times, and this week’s spoilers give no reason for doubt thus far.

Highlights of the chapter include Zoro receiving a visit from a mysterious stranger and the continuation of Kidd and Law versus Big Mom. The latter update is especially welcome, as some fans had begun predicting Kidd and Law had lost, hence the lack of screentime.

One Piece Chapter 1038 spoilers showcase Yamato versus Kazenbo, return of Law versus Kidd, and more

One Piece Chapter 1038: Initial spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1038 begins with a cover page detailing Yonji and Niji trapped by Big Mom in Mont-d’Or’s creature book. Starting with the chapter’s story content, One Piece Chapter 1038 opens on Raizu versus Fukurokuju. The two are still burning yet refuse to release their jutsu first.

Meanwhile, Chopper is thinking about Zoro and showing concern for his condition once the Mink’s medicine wears off. This medicine had allowed Zoro to keep fighting beyond his injuries from Kaido and Big Mom but at the cost of suffering twice as much later.

The perspective shifts to where Zoro currently is, seemingly suffering the wear off from the medicine. The spoilers don’t detail this interaction, but Zoro is presumably unconscious from his fight and the medication wearing off. While knocked out, spoilers claim a mysterious skeleton with a giant scythe approaches him.

The perspective shifts back to Izou, still in the same spot where he allowed Usopp to flee with Kikunojo and Kin’emon. Suddenly, CP0 agents appear before him but brush Izou off as they tend to apparently more critical matters.

However, Izou stops them, presumably resulting in a fight between him and CP0 soon.

Meanwhile, Yamato has finally met with Kanjuro’s Flame Yokai, Kazenbo. The spoilers say Yamato tries to stop the fire demon by attacking it directly. The inclusion of the word “tries” here would imply that Yamato is unsuccessful and must more cleverly defeat Kazenbo.

Finally, the perspective settles down on Big Mom versus Law and Kidd, where fans remain for the rest of One Piece Chapter 1038. Upon first glance, it seems as though Big Mom has defeated Law and Kidd as she begins walking to the rooftop to meet Kaido.

Suddenly, Kidd and Law attack her again. The two call her an old lady to get her attention, following that up with claims of never letting her get to the roof again even if it kills them.

Luffy vs. Kaido seems to be in somewhat of an intermission now, so it’s likely Chapter 1039 will also pick up with Law and Kidd versus Big Mom.

In summation

One Piece Chapter 1038 spoilers paint the highlights of the chapter to be Zoro’s mysterious visitor as well as Kidd and Law’s continued determination. Both are incredibly welcome developments that will presumably be focused on in upcoming chapters.

Interesting side-developments include Izou’s confrontation of CP0, as well as Yamato and Kazenbo finally making contact. The former would seem to paint an interesting fight coming soon, whereas the latter currently appears to portray a situation Yamato must think her way out of.

Be sure to follow along for all One Piece Chapter 1038 news as well as the series’ anime, film, and live-action news as 2022 progresses.

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