One Piece Chapter 1053 (Additional Spoilers): The new Yonko revealed, Pluton's location, and more

Everyone's favorite clown returns in style with One Piece Chapter 1053's latest announcement (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)
Everyone's favorite clown returns in style with One Piece Chapter 1053's latest announcement (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)

Additional spoilers for the upcoming One Piece Chapter 1053 were released earlier today, building off of the sparse info fans received yesterday. The additional spoilers released today help to paint a better picture of the upcoming issue, which seems to be yet another which may threaten to divide the fan base.

Furthermore, the additional One Piece Chapter 1053 spoilers cover very significant information which wasn’t included in the initial leaked information. It seems that a very important object in the series’ lore has had its location revealed.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down all the currently available spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1053.

One Piece Chapter 1053 will not be the end of Wano arc, still marks beginning of one-month hiatus

One Piece Chapter 1053: Additional spoiler info


As mentioned above, additional information for the upcoming and highly-anticipated One Piece Chapter 1053 was leaked earlier today. While it doesn’t seem that every plot point fans wanted answered before the hiatus will be addressed, many important revelations are made and loose ends tied up.

The additional spoilers begin by discussing the upcoming issue’s cover page, which will be a color spread this week instead of a cover story issue. The spread will celebrate One Piece: Odyssey, the latest video game for the franchise which was announced several weeks ago.

The spoilers begin discussing story content by revealing that Luffy, Kid, and Law’s bounties are all valued at three billion Berries each. The spoilers also specify that the picture used for Luffy’s poster is of him in Gear Fifth. While unmentioned here, it’s possible his new poster makes some sort of reference to his identity as Nika or Joy Boy as well.

Hitetsu Tenguyama, who is with Nico Robin, reveals his true name to be Kozuki Sukiyaki. Robin begins talking to him and eventually reveals to him and readers that the Ancient Weapon Pluton is located somewhere in Wano.

It’s unclear how the next line of information is revealed, but this is presumably by shifting perspective to Ryokugyu himself.

Apparently, Ryokugyu’s real name is Aramaki, and he can create plants and absorb people’s nutrients, which is most likely how he’s been able to not eat for years. Per the spoilers, fans see him use this ability against King and Queen, either in real time during the issue or via some sort of flashback.

Perspective then shifts to the Flower Capital, where a big party with lots of fireworks and celebrations is underway. Kid arrives, showing Luffy the latest newspaper, which reveals the new Yonko to be Shanks, Blackbeard, Luffy, and, hilariously and predictably, Buggy the Clown.

While some fans may be upset to see Buggy receiving a Yonko spot over Kid or Law, there are a few things to consider here. Historically, Oda has used Buggy as a way of delegitimizing titles within the One Piece story. For example, Buggy became a Shichibukai shortly before the titles were axed and made completely irrelevant.

This rings even truer in this scenario when considering that none of the pirates currently part of Yonko were big shots in Roger’s era. Buggy and Shanks were certainly active during that period of time, but as apprentices on Roger’s ship rather than full-fledged pirates, let alone pirate captains.

Most likely, this is Oda’s way of foreshadowing to fans that the title of Yonko will soon not matter in the way it used to. While this may upset some fans even further, perhaps taking solace in the World Government’s eventual targeting of Buggy may lighten their moods.

Regardless, what's certain is that Buggy's attainment of a Yonko title almost certainly means it'll be an irrelevant accolade soon enough.

So the Final Saga is begins on Chapter 1054…There is NO WAY we end Wano next chapter!! Maybe we’ll end Act 3, but when we come back in July we’ll likely still be in Wano.HOW OR WHAT is Oda cooking for 1053?! What kind of cliffhanger is he going it leave us on?#ONEPIECE

Overall, One Piece Chapter 1053 seems to be setting up the final stages of the Wano arc, which will conclude upon the series’ return from its one-month hiatus. It also gives fans some important information on key topics, such as Ryokugyu’s name and abilities, as well as the revelation of Hitetsu Tenguyama’s true identity as Kozuki.

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