One Punch Man Season 3 production confirmed and key visual revealed

OPM season 3 has been officially announced (Image via Madhouse)
OPM season 3 has been officially announced (Image via Madhouse)

After much anticipation, the One Punch Man fanbase is pleased to learn that the third season has entered the production stage. This announcement was made today on the series’ official website. A key visual was also released, which gave fans a hint about the upcoming season.

Since the second season was not well-received, the series took some time before they started working on the third season. However, fans are excited as the upcoming season will adapt one of the best story arcs in the series. The announcement and the key visual are mentioned below.

Disclaimer: The last section of the article contains major spoilers from the One Punch Man manga.

One Punch Man season 3 has entered the production phase, key visual released

The third season of One Punch Man has entered the production stage, and a key visual has also been released. Numerous sources on Twitter, like @shonenleaks, anticipated an announcement concerning the third season, and it has finally seen the light.

The series will eventually release more information concerning the release date and the staff working on the third season. However, the source mentioned above believes that JC Staff will not be animating the third season, and fans seem relieved to hear this. Here’s the key visual for season 3, which gives us a fair idea of what to expect in the third season of One Punch Man.

What to expect in One Punch Man Season 3

So far, the series has adapted about 41 chapters in the first season and about 43 chapters in the second season. Based on what has been shown in the manga, the series will likely cover chapter 138. As the key visual suggests, the main focus will be on the Hero Hunter, Garou, and the heroes will be duking it out against some of the most formidable monsters from the Monsters Association.

The second season ended by adapting the first few chapters of the Monsters Association arc, and the entirety of season 3 will continue with this storyline. However, it will not cover the entire Monsters Association arc since the manga hasn’t concluded it either. The upcoming season will introduce some of the most brutal monsters in the association, such as Gyoro Gyoro and the Monster King, Orochi.

After the attacks launched by the monsters, the heroes will invade the Monsters Association’s hideout. During this part of the series, new heroes will be introduced, and previously introduced heroes will also showcase their abilities. Fans believe this season will end by adapting Chapter 138 because it will introduce the unknown entity called God and end it with a cliffhanger.

One Punch Man will update the fanbase with more information on their official website. Fans can also be on the lookout for more announcements on Twitter or the r/OnePunchMan subreddit. Stay tuned for more updates on this series as 2022 progresses.