Spy x Family manga to go on break this month

Fans are shocked to see Endo
Fans are shocked to see Endo's series go on break at what appears to be a pivotal moment for the series' narrative (Image via Wit Studios, Cloverworks)

Following the release of chapter 75, it was revealed that the Spy x Family manga will be going on a one-month hiatus before releasing its next chapter. With no announcement from Shueisha on exactly why the hiatus is being taken, it’s widely assumed that series creator, author, and illustrator Tatsuya Endo is in good health.

Furthermore, many Spy x Family fans have attributed their own possible reasons as to why Endo and his smash-hit series are suddenly taking a one-month break.

While the series’ bi-weekly serialization pattern means this is only a one-issue break, fans are nevertheless finding their curiosity piqued as to why this hiatus is occurring.

Spy x Family’s one-month hiatus leaves fans off on disturbing note regarding Desmond family relationships

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As of this article’s writing, no official reason has been given by Shueisha for the sudden one-month hiatus of Spy x Family from their Shonen Jump+ catalog. While this is concerning to some, many are pointing out that Shueisha’s typical transparency with their authors’ healths would indicate that Endo’s well-being is not a concern.

Fans are instead attributing the hiatus to Endo needing or wanting to take a break and rest with his story, whether the motivations for this are creative or otherwise. Many are pointing to the second season of the series’ anime premiering in 2023, as well as a movie, and the rumored launch of his new manga series in Fall 2023 as factors for him needing a break.

In any case, fans are happy to see that Endo is not being overworked by Shueisha to the point of his health being affected. While this has always been a concern in both the manga and anime industries, the untimely death of Berserk creator, author, and illustrator Kentaro Miura in May 2021 shined a brighter spotlight on this issue.

While fans were happy to see Endo taking a break, many agreed that it couldn’t have come at a worse time narratively in the series. The latest issue saw Anya Forger, Becky Blackbell, Damian Desmond, and Bill Watkins all receive Stella Stars for their composure and action during the Red Circus Arc’s hostage situation.

The issue then wrapped up the final loose threads of the arc, eventually seeing Anya’s mother Yor Forger and Damian’s mother Melinda Desmond picking up their children at the same time. While this seemed to be a heartwarming reunion at first, Melinda’s inner thoughts (known via Anya’s telepathy) revealed her to have conflicting, dichotomous emotions of love and hatred for her son Damian.

Understandably, fans can’t wait until the next issue of the smash-hit manga series releases. However, all seem to be accommodating and understanding that Endo needs to take a break before the next release occurs.

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