Twitter goes crazy over Eren and Mikasa in Attack on Titan Musical

Fans react to Eren and Mikasa in the musical adaptation trailer (Image via Attack on Titan)
Fans react to Eren and Mikasa in the musical adaptation trailer (Image via Attack on Titan)

Hajime Isayama's magnum opus, Attack on Titan, will be getting a musical adaptation in January 2023. The entire fanbase is brimming with excitement after watching the trailer for the upcoming musical.

The trailer included the actors who will play the roles of Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Arlelt, Levi Ackerman, and Eren Yeager. The fanbase took to Twitter to react to the trailer. Fans are going berserk over the on-screen Mikasa and Eren since they look similar to the characters in the manga and anime.

Let's take a look at how the fanbase reacted to the trailer on Twitter.

Attack on Titan: Fans went gaga over Eren and Mikasa in the trailer for the musical adaptation

Some fans were shocked that the series decided to go forward with a musical. Given the series' dark and convoluted plot, it's slightly surprising to see that Attack on Titan is receiving a musical adaptation. Despite the shock, fans were quite happy with how the trailed turned out.

Mikasa was in the spotlight, and the entire fanbase appreciated the actor's looks in the trailer. Fans appreciated the actor's looks and loved how accurate the casting was. The actor portraying Mikasa looks quite similar to the character shown in the manga and anime. In fact, Mikasa is considered to be a fan favorite. This actor is already popular for how similar her mannerism is to the character in the manga.

One fan mentioned how Eren would be singing a sad song after Mikasa says,

"You are family."

Attack on Titan fans believe this would be an ideal scenario for a musical to explore Eren's feelings for Mikasa. Fans played along and came up with similar scenarios for the upcoming musical that will debut in January 2023.

Fans also reacted to the actor portraying Eren Yeager in the upcoming Attack on Titan musical. According to the tweets, Eren's actor is extremely good-looking. In addition to that, his appearance is quite similar to Eren's during the first two seasons.

Fans decided to compare the actor portraying Eren in the musical to the actor who played the same character in the live-action film. One fan mentioned that the actor portraying the protagonist of Attack on Titan in the musical was slightly better looking than the live-action actor.

It will be interesting to see the themes that the musical adaptation will explore. The series is quite dark, and there are a ton of fight scenes as well. Fans are intrigued and want to understand how the adaptation will retain the essence of this manga and anime series.

Stay tuned for more anime and manga updates as 2022 progresses.

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