One Piece Chapter 1052 (leaked): Everything we know about Green Bull

Green Bull will finally arrive in Wano Country (Image via Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha / Viz Media / One Piece)
Green Bull will finally arrive in Wano Country (Image via Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha / Viz Media / One Piece)
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One Piece Chapter 1052 indicates that Green Bull will finally do something meaningful in the storyline.

Readers have been waiting to see him in action for several years now. He is currently the only remaining Admiral whose appearance is yet to be fully seen. They've always had very hypeworthy introductions in the story.

Green Bull has a big role to play in One Piece Chapter 1052. Based on the leaks, he will be arriving in Wano Country very shortly. Of course, readers have no idea what he's going to do once he gets there. The next few weeks will be a very exciting time for manga readers.

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One Piece Chapter 1052 (leaked): Here's what readers should know about Green Bull

This powerful Admiral has not eaten in years


Right away, this is the most notable aspect of Green Bull. He claims to have not eaten anything in the past three years. It's very likely, though unconfirmed, that he ate a Devil Fruit. Otherwise, he would already be dead by not having food in his digestive system.

Amazingly, he still managed to obtain the Admiral position, indicating the strongest Marines in the organization. Green Bull is also powerful enough to show up in Wano Country during One Piece Chapter 1052.

Green Bull is good friends with Fujitora


During the Levely arc, Fleet Admiral Sakazuki gave a command to forcibly remove Fujitora from Mary Geoise.

However, Green Bull defied those orders and had a friendly discussion with Fujitora instead. They talked about Vegapunk's new project, along with the Warlord system. That makes him the second Admiral to disobey Sakazuki, the first being Fujitora himself.

His role in the story so far


Green Bull was enlisted in the Marines less than two years ago, right after the One Piece timeskip. Along with Fujitora, he took up the remaining vacancies in the Admiral positions. Remember, Sakazuki was promoted to Fleet Admiral while Kuzan left the organization entirely.

Prior to One Piece Chapter 1052, Green Bull only made a physical appearance in the Levely, albeit in silhouette form. He had a pleasant conversation with Fujitora over the abolishment of the Warlord system.

A few days later, they ended up fighting Sabo and the Revolutionary Commanders. The results are unknown, but the Admirals seem to be doing just fine. One Piece Chapter 1052 reveals that Green Bull was sent to Wano Country, seven days after Kaido's forces were defeated.

Heavy speculation on One Piece Chapter 1052

GreenBull piling up to wano?!?! That pirate packing finna be pulling โ˜ ๏ธ๐Ÿšฌ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ#ONEPIECE1052

Inevitably, readers are going to run wild with speculation. Wano Country won't take kindly to outside interference from the Marines. The rest of this article will also provide some discourse on these speculations, which may or may not be true after One Piece Chapter 1052.

@xanslondon @Orojapan1 Think of the forces on Wano. Greenbull is a non issues. You have Luffy Zoro Yamato Sanji Jinbe Franky Brook Robin the heavy hitters then the rest of the straw hats you have law and kid who are awakened and their crew the samurai army mink army ninja army Yakuza army

Right off the bat, a combat situation may seem unlikely. There are too many powerful fighters in Wano Country, so if they were all defeated by Green Bull, that would imply he's stronger than Kaido and Big Mom combined. If that were the case, the Yonko system would've been destroyed a long time ago.

Also keep in mind that Luffy and his friends should be fully healed after a week's rest. Green Bull is a monster, but take a look at who he's up against:

  • Monkey D. Luffy: Defeated Kaido with Gear Fifth
  • Roronoa Zoro: Gave Kaido a permanent scar, defeated King of the Beasts Pirates
  • Vinsmoke Sanji: Defeated Queen of the Beasts Pirates
  • Jinbe: Former Warlord, possibly the strongest Fishman besides Jack
  • Yamato: Held off Kaido for a while, roughly comparable to Zoro and Sanji

There's also the rest of the Straw Hats, along with the Minks and Red Scabbards. Wano Country is heavily fortified right now in One Piece Chapter 1052.

Green Bull, on the other hand, could also have the Special Science Group (SSG) nearby. The Marines wouldn't go into the country unprepared. It's also unclear if Luffy and Zoro are at 100% health.

We don't see Greenbull face, he has a flower on his back that he uses to push himself and fly.#ONEPIECE1052

With that said, there is yet another possibility after One Piece Chapter 1052. Green Bull could serve a similar role to Fujitora back in Dressrosa. Perhaps he could be a potential ally for Luffy. For example, he could simply arrest Kaido and give the Straw Hats a chance to escape.

Worst Gen spoilers indicate that Green Bull can use a flower on his back. One Piece Chapter 1052 implies a Devil Fruit power related to plants. If he is truly "good" like Fujitora, some readers theorize he could fix the barren wastelands of Wano Country.

Of course, this remains unconfirmed at the moment. Either way, One Piece Chapter 1052 will get a lot of people talking. Green Bull is a complete wild card in Wano Country.

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