One Piece Chapter 1057 (Theory): Yamato, Momo, and Kin may introduce a major final war factor by heading out to sea

Franky's destruction of the Pluton blueprints may prove costly beyond One Piece Chapter 1057 (Image via Toei Animation)
Franky's destruction of the Pluton blueprints may prove costly beyond One Piece Chapter 1057 (Image via Toei Animation)

Summary spoilers and raw scans from One Piece Chapter 1057 appear to confirm Yamato, Momonosuke, and Kin'emon being offered to join the Straw Hat crew. The three have, however, made the startling decision to remain on Wano's mainland for the time being.

While One Piece Chapter 1057 may see the trio staying behind in Wano for now, many fans suspect they will see them once more in the series’ final saga. Not only do they expect the Wano trio to make an appearance, but it’s also expected that the three will bring along with them a key weapon in the series’ looming final war.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down why One Piece Chapter 1057 implies that the Wano trio may introduce a major final war factor when finally heading out to sea.

Momonosuke, Kin’emon, and Yamato staying back in Wano in One Piece Chapter 1057 suggests they’ll next appear atop Pluton in the series’ final saga

The theory

As previously stated, One Piece Chapter 1057 summary spoilers and raw scans suggest that the Straw Hats’ three newest members will be staying behind in Wano. Fortunately, Yamato, Kin'emon, and Momonosuke have all been promised spots on the ship whenever they decide to go out to sea.

Many fans think that the trio's next appearance won't be on the Thousand Sunny, but rather at the helm of their own ship. Furthermore, many suspect this ship to be the Ancient Weapon Pluton, which Kozuki Sukiyaki recently revealed to be hidden safe and sound deep within Wano and Mount Fuji.

It was also revealed that to access Pluton, Wano’s defensive walls, which created its protective waterfall entrance, would have to be brought down. Conversely, opening Wano’s borders means removing these defensive walls, which would then allow Pluton to set sail on the seas once more.

With the opening of Wano’s borders being a foregone conclusion according to many fans, it’s just as inevitable that the Ancient Weapon Pluton will indeed be making a story. Unsurprisingly, many fans guess that these events will coincide with the next appearance of the Wano trio.

With the trio leaving Wano atop Pluton, many stumbling blocks are thrown into the series’ imminent final war. The World Government, along with many other pirate groups, will most likely be vying for control of Pluton to use it as a means of taking over and controlling the world.

Furthermore, with Franky’s earlier decision to destroy the Pluton blueprint, there existed no realistic, currently known means of countering the archaic battleship’s purported might. As a result, whoever is in control of Pluton will likely be unstoppable by any force, be they pirates, the World Government, or anything in between.

As a result, the Wano trio's reintroduction of Pluton into the world may have a significant impact on the series' final confrontation. Any group that finds themselves in control of the Ancient Weapon will likely find themselves at a major advantage, regardless of any other factors that might befall opposing sides.

While this can work out great if Luffy’s group can maintain control, it’s incredibly likely that the Straw Hats and their allies will lose control of the weapon, even if only for a bit. Regardless of how it turns out, One Piece Chapter 1057’s leaving Momonosuke, Kin’emon, and Yamato in Wano certainly raises a few eyebrows when it comes to Pluton.

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