One Piece Chapter 1058 (Initial Spoilers): Bounties galore, Buggy's role revealed, and more

Buggy's path to Yonko status is finally revealed in the latest One Piece Chapter 1058 spoilers (Image via Toei Animation)
Buggy's path to Yonko status is finally revealed in the latest One Piece Chapter 1058 spoilers (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece Chapter 1058 spoilers began leaking for most international readers early Tuesday morning, bringing an exciting batch of news. Of chief concern are the new Bounties for the Straw Hats and other pirates, which are revealed in the issue, with a new Monster Trio seemingly being indicated.

The issue also further elaborates on the Cross Guild's origins, its true leader's identity, and what their role is. Per the latest One Piece Chapter 1058 spoilers, it seems that the Marines made a costly mistake in identifying the Guild's leader and the new Yonko as a result.

Follow along as this article breaks down the latest One Piece Chapter 1058 spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 1058 sees Sanji kicked out of the Monster Trio when going by bounties

The latest spoilers

Per the latest One Piece Chapter 1058 spoiler information, the title of the upcoming issue is “A New Emperor,” likely referencing Buggy, who is certainly a focus in the chapter. Also, per the latest spoiler information, Caesar Clown asks Germa 66 if he can accompany them on the cover page, perhaps teasing major things to come from the melding of these two scientific minds.

The spoilers begin the issue’s story content by claiming that all the new bounties of the Straw Hat crew are revealed. Per the latest spoilers, the bounties are as follows (excluding Luffy’s, previously revealed to be 3 billion Beri):

  • Zoro: 1,101,000,000 Beri
  • Jinbe: 1,100,000,000 Beri
  • Sanji: 1,032,000,000 Beri
  • Robin: 930,000,000 Beri
  • Usopp: 500,000,000 Beri
  • Franky: 394,000,000 Beri
  • Brook: 383,000,000 Beri
  • Nami: 366,000,000 Beri
  • Chopper: 1,000 Beri

As many fans have pointed out, according to the latest spoiler information, Sanji’s bounty being the fourth lowest on the crew suggests to many that a new Monster Trio has formed. Others argue that Luffy is simply in a league of his own now, with Jinbe filling the gap left in the previously established Monster Trio.

Nevertheless, the spoilers continue by alleging that Buggy isn’t, in fact, the leader of the Cross Guild and was made a Yonko due to a mistake by the Marines. It’s also revealed that Buggy owes a “huge debt” to someone, but this isn’t elaborated further in currently available spoiler information.

The spoilers then discuss Mihawk, introducing a past epithet for the former Shichibukai, which was “Marine Hunter,” incredibly fitting considering his current alignment with the Cross Guild. The spoilers then claim Mihawk, Buggy, and Crocodile’s bounties to be revealed, which are 3,590,000,000 Beri, 3,189,000,000 Beri, and 1,965,000,000 Beri, respectively.

Per ScotchInformer, a reputable name within the series’ leaker and spoiler community, Crocodile was the founder of the Cross Guild. Apparently, Mihawk received an invitation to join the Guild and accepted it.

Scotch then says that “since Buggy’s face was in the middle,” likely referencing the picture used in their initial reveal, “the Marines thought that Buggy is the leader of the guild.” If it’s assumed that Buggy only became a Yonko due to his believed leadership of the group, then it seems that Crocodile was truly meant to be the new Yonko rather than his employee.

This could be why the issue is allegedly titled “A New Emperor,” referencing fans’ realization that Buggy was never supposed to be the new Yonko. However, this is all speculation and is based on spoilers, which may be completely wrong. As a result, it’s best to wait for the official release before commenting further on this matter.

Regardless, the spoilers end by saying that the Revolutionary Army receives a call at the end of the issue. Apparently, the call is from Sabo, but no further information is given by the spoilers on this matter, likely indicating the official release will end there as well. Unfortunately, according to the latest spoilers, One Piece Chapter 1058 allegedly announces a break the following week.

Assuming that these One Piece Chapter 1058 spoilers are true, the upcoming issue seems to be an exciting one indeed. Many fans had been excited to see Buggy become a Yonko, and the group will likely be split upon realizing he may never have been meant to be one. The Straw Hat bounties are also interesting and have already drummed up discussion on several social media sites.

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