One Piece chapter 1065 (Full Spoilers): New Vegapunks introduced as Ancient Kingdom revelations made

Fans finally have an artifact from the Ancient Kingdom other than the Poneglyphs, thanks to the latest developments in the series (Image via Toei Animation)
Fans finally have an artifact from the Ancient Kingdom other than the Poneglyphs, thanks to the latest developments in the series (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece chapter 1065 full summary spoilers were released late on Tuesday, November 1, bringing with them the full picture of exactly what the upcoming issue holds in store for fans. Along with some added clarity on specific events and conversations, the spoilers mainly corroborate what previous spoilers had alleged.

One Piece chapter 1065 is certainly an exciting issue, with the last three Vegapunks-Edison, Pythagoras, and York-finally introduced in exciting fashion. The issue also features some interesting information on the Ancient Kingdom, as well as a discovery made by Luffy later on in the issue which also likely relates to the Void Century.

One Piece chapter 1065 sees Vegapunk satellites' relationships, responsibilities flushed out amidst massive lore-dump

One Piece chapter 1065: A new Seraphim and old friends

One Piece chapter 1065 begins on the Thousand Sunny with Zoro and Brook, who are musing about who will save the others from this World Government island if they’re caught. Caribou suddenly makes himself known, but Zoro calmly thanks him for helping out Luffy before telling him to get off of their ship here at Egghead, which he argues against but eventually does.

Meanwhile, in the laboratorium, the Straw Hats are exploring various inventions, while Franky finds out that fire powers the island. Shaka talks about the potential of an “unquenchable flame” and how it may allow him to create a sun should it exist. Suddenly, Franky realizes that Lilith walked through a nearby wall and calls out to her.

Shaka, however, tells him to simply walk through and not be fooled by his sight. As the various Straw Hats try to walk through the wall and express their amazement, Vegapunk Edison is then introduced, welcoming them and telling them to just walk through the wall.

One Piece chapter 1065 sees Nami joking about finding “Future Treasure” to loot, when she sees something that looks like Jinbe. Robin points out that this Jinbe looks younger and different, prompting Usopp to let out some joke scenarios. Sanji, meanwhile, noticed the wings on his back, saying he also feels “something strange in his presence.”

He seems to use some sort of ability here which makes the Straw Hats think he’s a Devil Fruit user, also prompting Nami to try and fight the new Jinbe. Nami gets hit by him here, prompting Sanji and Robin to get involved with some of their strongest techniques. Usopp also joins the fight here, as does Franky, when Edison reveals that it’s a Seraphim model of Jinbe.

Edison begins thinking of something here, while Lilith is steaming mad over the crew’s attempts to fight the Seraphim. As Edison tries to restrain her, he comes up with a new invention, saying he leaves the rest to the “Wisdom” Vegapunk, Pythagoras, who is giddy over the combat data they just collected from Seraphim Jinbe fighting the Straw Hats.

Vegapunk York is also introduced here, revealed to be the one who eats for the other Vegapunks in order to give them energy and brainpower. Edison asks York to eat more since it helps him come up with ideas, as One Piece chapter 1065 sees Pythagoras inputting data for an experiment with the Jinbe Seraphim.

One Piece chapter 1065 then sees Vegapunk York pass out from being full, as the various staff rush to get Edison and Pythagoras what they need for their experiment. One Piece chapter 1065 then sees this group go to “Simulation Room 88,” while Shaka steps in to take control of the situation.

One Piece Chapter 1065: Ancient revelations

One Piece chapter 1065 then sees Shaka stop the Seraphim from fighting the Straw Hats, which has been going on continuously since the fight first started. While Edison, Lilith, and Pythagoras are upset to see the fight stop, the formermost says he has a new idea. Shaka then turns his attention to his guests, asking them if they are indeed the Straw Hat Pirates.

Sanji confirms this, asking why his shoes are sticking to the floor, which Vegapunk explains is due to his control over the magnets inside the DOM shoes in his laboratorium. Robin points out that this essentially means that resistance is futile, to which Vegapunk says he couldn’t take any chances by trusting pirates that easily.

After a quick comedic bit with Usopp here, Shaka asks them if they see this island as a “future.” Franky, pointing out the monster mechas, says it has to be in the future. He also points to the Island Air Conditioning and the Vegaforce 1 to further support his argument.

Shaka eventually reveals to the Straw Hats that Egghead Island’s technology is closer to the past rather than the future, shocking Franky. One Piece chapter 1065 then sees Luffy’s group finding an ancient, giant robot, questioning its origins and existence. Shaka, meanwhile, explains that the Ancient Kingdom’s technology is similar to Egghead’s current tech.

One Piece chapter 1065 then ends here, confirming there will be no series break next week.

Final thoughts

Overall, One Piece chapter 1065 is an incredibly exciting issue with some startling revelations. The eerie existence of Seraphim Jinbe seemingly confirms that all Shichibukai are being used as bases for Pacifista models, whether they were or weren’t part of their ranks at disbandment. How overpoweringly strong the Seraphim seems, relative to Sanji, is also a major red flag.

The giant robot that Luffy and co have found is also incredibly exciting, giving fans their first tangible, non-Poneglyph piece of Ancient Kingdom history in the series. With Shaka Vegapunk implicitly confirming that Egghead’s technology is modeled after the Ancient Kingdom, readers seem set to learn more about the Kingdom than they ever have before.

The abandonment of Caribou is also an interesting plot point, especially considering his knowledge of Pluton’s location. With him being dropped off on a World Government island, it’s possible fans will soon see a cover story which sees him share his knowledge with Marines and the World Government themselves.

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