One Piece chapter 1068 editor's note teases unknown character's shocking appearance in front of Luffy

Fans could be getting a Lucci vs. Luffy rematch much earlier than anticipated in One Piece Chapter 1068 (Image via Toei Animation)
Fans could be getting a Lucci vs. Luffy rematch much earlier than anticipated in One Piece Chapter 1068 (Image via Toei Animation)

Despite the series being on break this week, One Piece chapter 1068 information has leaked along with information for other Weekly Shonen Jump series. Although not as detailed as the spoiler information other fandoms are receiving as of this article’s writing, the editor’s note for the chapter certainly teases a major development.

Unfortunately, fans most likely won’t learn anything more about One Piece chapter 1068 until the issue’s release week is here. Thus, with the issue’s official release date being Monday, December 5 at 12 AM JST, fans are still a long way from learning anything new about it.

Nevertheless, this latest tease is certainly an exciting one. Follow along as this article fully breaks down the latest One Piece chapter 1068 plot tease, as well as speculates on exactly what it could mean.

One Piece chapter 1068 could see Luffy vs. Lucci begin based on latest editor’s note

With the release of spoilers and raw scans for other Weekly Shonen Jump series, One Piece chapter 1068's editor's note also leaked. Editor's notes are typically included as a way to pique interest among the audience for what might come next, especially with the series being on a break week. While these notes don’t always indicate what’s directly next, they do predict the near future with a good record.

The issue’s editor’s note, posted by Twitter user and reputable series news account @ONEPIECESPOILE1, teases that someone will appear in front of Luffy’s group. While Dr. Vegapunk has appeared in the last few issues to Luffy's group, it seems unnecessary to further tease his recent appearance in this matter. Furthermore, it wouldn’t even really be a "tease" since Dr. Vegapunk has already been introduced.

As such, fans are debating over whether this refers to the recently-arrived Rob Lucci and CP0, or another, yet-to-be-introduced character. The most likely scenario is the former, with Rob Lucci likely to find and appear in front of Luffy sometime during the issue. This would also explain why Oda has chosen to take a break this week, as he’d likely need time to draw a fight scene between the two.

Although it’s harder to speculate on who may appear in One Piece Chapter 1068 beyond those currently present at Egghead, one major contender is Bartholomew Kuma. While Oda did show fans that he was running away from Kamabakka Kingdom in the last issue, it wasn’t specified whether this was in the past or currently occurring.

As a result, it could be revealed that Kuma had actually left the Revolutionary Army headquarters a while before the other events present in the last issue. While typically not Oda’s style, he could subvert readers’ expectations by choosing to frame the series’ narrative in an unorthodox style.


If it’s a character brand new to the series, the most likely answer is a new Marine Vice-Admiral or similar rank, possibly even a new member of SWORD. Such an inclusion to the Egghead Island arc would be particularly exciting, as it would lend further credence to the theory that Vegapunk is the leader of the SWORD group.

However, this is all speculative, with no official One Piece chapter 1068 information available as of this article’s writing. As a result, fans should keep an open mind until the issue’s official release on December 4, 2022.

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