One Piece Chapter 1074: Why Saint Jaygarcia Saturn won't be fighting the Straw Hats, explained

Saint Jaygarcia Saturn as seen in the series
Saint Jaygarcia Saturn as seen in the series' anime (Image via Toei Animation)

With One Piece Chapter 1074 not releasing this week due to the series being on break, fans have taken to theorizing about the latest events however they can. While spoilers will confirm or deny these theories upon their release in a matter of days, fans still have until then to argue about the finer and grander points of recent developments.

One incredibly popular topic heading into One Piece Chapter 1074’s release week is the recently-named Gorosei member, Saint Jaygarcia Saturn. With the seemingly-feeble old man on his way to Egghead Island, fans have been debating on why he could be heading to the battlefield, as well as how helpful or useless he may be in a combat situation.

However, some fans are inaccurately interpreting exactly why the Gorosei have sent one of their own to Egghead Island in the first place. Follow along as this article fully breaks down why Saint Jaygarcia Saturn is unlikely to be fighting the Straw Hats himself in One Piece Chapter 1074.

One Piece Chapter 1074 likely to confirm Saint Jaygarcia Saturn’s role as reigning in the Seraphim Pacifista

Why Saint Jaygarcia Saturn won’t fight

Zoro clashed with S-Hawk Weevil and Greenbull fought on Sphinx island Kizaru is about to arrive on Egghead with SAINT JAYGARCIA SATURN, who's gonna control the Seraphim!Lucci got cleared out by a vampire clone. Sanji and Zoro about to face the Admiral!#onepiece1073

One of the biggest indications that Saint Jaygarcia Saturn won’t be fighting on Egghead Island is that he was escorted to the island by Admiral Kizaru himself. Were Saturn strong enough to be fighting on his own, it’s unlikely that the Gorosei would involve the Marines in such events and plan. Thus, Kizaru’s presence must be necessary as a combatant who can protect Saturn.

There’s also the fact that Saturn is one of the Gorosei who isn’t seen carrying a particular weapon in any of his appearances in the series. Combined with his apparently old age, this would suggest that he isn’t combat-ready in the slightest, whereas some of the younger Gorosei and those with weapons may prove to be competent fighters.

Another major clue that Saturn won’t be fighting upon his arrival at Egghead Island stems from the chain of command that the Seraphim follow.

As described prior to One Piece Chapter 1074, the chain of command from the highest authority to lowest is the Gorosei members, then Dr. Vegapunk, and then his Satellites. They are followed by Sentomaru, and finally, those who are in possession of the Authority Chip.

We might be about to get the reveal of S-Mingo when Saturn arrives and takes control of the Seraphim.I wonder if this will be paired with a cutaway to Impel Down and showing the actual DoflamingoIs it time for another prison break?

In other words, as explained by Lucci in recent issues prior to his being knocked unconscious, the Gorosei are the only ones who can command the Seraphim totally on Egghead Island. This is due to their members being the only ones ranked above Dr. Vegapunk in the command hierarchy, as outlined above.

Thus, it’s clear that reigning in the Seraphim is Saturn’s main goal in heading to Egghead Island in One Piece Chapter 1074. Kizaru’s presence is likely to ensure that Saturn is able to get within range of the Seraphim to actually control them, which is likely to lead to some of the Straw Hats clashing with the Admiral.

Furthermore, Saturn may have other goals in heading to Egghead Island, such as talking to Dr. Vegapunk, who he seems to have some sort of a relationship with. However, one thing that fans can count on Saint Jaygarcia Saturn of the Gorosei not doing at Egghead Island is directly engaging in combat with the Straw Hats or their allies in any way whatsoever.

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