One Piece chapter 1092 full summary: Kuma's Mariejois appearance cut short as Luffy vs Kizaru heats up

Luffy vs Kizaru is heating up according to One Piece chapter 1092 spoilers (Image via Shueisha)
Luffy vs Kizaru is heating up according to One Piece chapter 1092 spoilers (Image via Shueisha)

The full summary for One Piece chapter 1092 was leaked on Tuesday, September 12, 2023, revealing the events that will unfold in the upcoming chapter. The summary shows Kuma reaching Mariejois, where he is confronted by Fleet Admiral Akainu.

On Egghead Island, the fight between Kizaru and Luffy also intensifies as they are seen utilizing Color of Arms Haki. Kizaru's speed and power makes Luffy enter the Gear 5 mode, resulting in a significant power-up. The summary suggests that One Piece chapter 1092 will be action-packed ride.

One Piece chapter 1092 sees Kuma vs Akainu cut short as Luffy vs Kizaru intensifies

One Piece chapter 1092 starts with Bartholomew Kuma reaching Mariejois. Upon entering the Holy Land, some guards appear to stop him, but Kuma uses Urusus Shock (Bear Impact) to wipe them out with his attack, causing injuries to some of the Celestial Dragons present on the scene.

Kuma is then confronted by Fleet Admiral Akainu, who asks him the reason for his appearance in Mariejois. Following that, a fight ensues between the two, in which Akainu melts a part of Kuma's face with his Meigou (Hellhound) attack, the same one he used against Whitebeard.

However, instead of defending himself, Kuma just runs away and disappears. This causes some Celestial Dragons to shout at Akainu for failing to capture Kuma. It is also mentioned that Mariejois food reserves are at a minimum at the moment. This incident is followed by a small flashback from two years ago after Bonney was captured by Akainu. In the flashback, Akainu tells Bonney that her father voluntarily underwent his modifications.

One Piece chapter 1092 then returns to present-day Egghead, where Kizaru fights Gear 4: Snakeman Luffy. Kizaru appears to have light on both of his hands and he blocks Luffy's attacks with his arms. He complements Luffy on his strength and says that he is tough to fight, which is expected of a man who defeated Kaido.

Kizaru then flies far away from Egghead Island to charge his next attack, saying, "speed is power," before flying back and delivering a huge kick to Snakeman Luffy. The attack causes Luffy to hurtle through Vegaforce-01, completely destroying the robot in the process.

This is followed up with two flashback panels of Vegapunk showing Vegaforce-01 to Kizaru. Furthermore, Thousand Sunny lands safely on island clouds, seemingly remaining unharmed. However, Bonney chooses this moment to attack Kizaru.

Kizaru tells Bonney that she has grown so much and requests her not to force him to hurt so many people he knows during this mission. Soon after, the former delivers a kick to Bonney, causing her to collide with Egghead's barrier.

He then warps to the middle of the "Control Room" in Labo Phase, right next to Vegapunk. However, before he can do anything, a giant Gear 5 Luffy appears right on top the Control Room and grabs Kizaru with his giant hand.

One Piece chapter 1092 ends with the acient robot's eye powering up after hearing Sun God's Nika's heartbeat. Chapter 1092 is set to be officially released on September 19, 2023, at 12 am JST. Until then, fans can enjoy the spoiler cycle.

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