One Piece: Crocodile’s Devil Fruit, explained

Crocodile is the "Desert King" for a reason
Crocodile is the "Desert King" for a reason (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Viz Media/One Piece)

Crocodile has fully mastered his Devil Fruit in the One Piece series. The Suna Suna no Mi allows users to become the sand element. With everything in place, Crocodile really knows how to properly utilize his Devil Fruit powers. He can go up against some of the most powerful monsters in the series, such as Doflamingo and Mihawk.

Crocodile is among the very few villains to hand Luffy multiple losses. Of course, it all begins and ends with the Suna Suna no Mi. Furthermore, Crocodile doesn't even have to use Haki to survive. He possesses a very unique Devil Fruit that gives him several different abilities.

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Here's a look at Crocodile's Devil Fruit and what it does in the One Piece series

Crocodile has the power to control sand

The One Piece villain first demonstrated his abilities back in the Alabasta saga. Crocodile knew what he was doing when he based his operations inside a desert. The Suna Suna no Mi grants him the following abilities:

  • Users can create large amounts of sand from their bodies
  • They are able to control wherever it goes
  • User can transform into sand anytime they want

Sand is a surprisingly versatile element in the One Piece series. Crocodile has the ability to conjure up sandstorms, trap his enemies in quicksand, and manifest sand blades from the ground. He can also fly in the air by transforming the lower half of his body into a flowing jetstream.

Desert landscapes further increase the size and scope of his powers. Suffice to say, Crocodile is nearly invincible in his natural habitat. However, liquid exposure will turn his sand into a solid material. Luffy had to use his own blood just to land direct hits on Crocodile. Like all Devil Fruit users, he cannot swim in water.

It's classified under the Logia category


Devil Fruits have three different classifications in the One Piece story. Logia is easily the rarest one in the series. Users can transform into a natural element at will. In the case of Crocodile, he can turn his entire body into sand. He can also select which body parts turn into the element.

Logia users are immune to most attacks since they pass right through. Crocodile trained his Devil Fruit so he can reflexively dodge without even trying. Even someone like Doflamingo was unable to decapitate him during the Marineford arc. Crocodile will simply regenerate like it was nothing.

Haki is the only universal way to bypass a Logia user's intangibility. Otherwise, Crocodile would only get hit by liquid attacks. His powerful Devil Fruit was a real gamebreaker in early One Piece. Haki wasn't even a prominent concept back then, so he could avoid most attacks.

Dehydration is a secondary effect

The Suna Suna no Mi is among the best Devil Fruits in the One Piece series. Aside from his usual moves, Crocodile has a secondary ability where he can absorb liquids. This lets him counteract specific weaknesses to his powers.

Living organisms will die from dehydration if Crocodile drains their vital fluids. It doesn't matter if they are plants or animals. In fact, Luffy was nearly killed when Crocodile dehydrated him in the Alabasta saga.

The Suna Suna no Mi gives its user a very deadly means of eliminating their enemies in the One Piece series.

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