One Piece episode 1058: Why Sanji destroyed the Raid Suit, explained

Fans are confused on why Sanji would destroy his greatest weapon in the middle of his biggest fight, but there
Fans are confused on why Sanji would destroy his greatest weapon in the middle of his biggest fight, but there's a very good reason (Image via Toei Animation)

With One Piece episode 1058 set to premiere this weekend, fans can’t wait to see how Sanji and Queen’s fight progresses, especially following the Straw Hat's destruction of the Raid Suit. Some fans are even asserting that Sanji will lose versus Queen without the Raid Suit’s help, as the Beast Pirates commander has said himself previously.

However, there’s a good reason why Sanji destroyed the raid suit prior to One Piece episode 1058, considering the dangers that come with eliminating such a powerful tool. Unfortunately, some fans don’t understand why Sanji destroyed the Germa 66 weapon, instead they are focusing on the losses of its destruction rather than what Sanji gains from it. Thankfully, there is a good explanation for why Sanji did this, given his status as a Straw Hat Pirate.

One Piece episode 1058 set to prove that Sanji doesn’t need the Raid Suit to beat Queen


Ahead of One Piece episode 1058’s release, recent installments to the series saw Sanji’s body begin to change, making him more like his Vinsmoke siblings. For reference, a key distinction between Sanji and his siblings was that the manipulation of Sanji’s Lineage Factors was prevented by his mother, Sora, taking an experimental drug.

While this prevented Sanji from becoming an emotionless soldier, his other siblings were unfortunately affected by Lineage Factor manipulation. This turned them into such cruel and ruthless soldiers that even when confronted with their imminent death, all they could do was sit patiently with a straight face and wait for their end.

Prior to One Piece episode 1058, Sanji never showed any signs of his biology being influenced by Lineage Factor manipulation to the degree his siblings were. However, after using the Raid Suit a few times throughout the Wano arc, the Onigashima Raid has recently seen his body begin to change as a result.

The best example of this is the punishment he took from Queen a few episodes ago, such as being coiled up like a boa constrictor and its prey. Despite Sanji’s bones being broken and crushed in the aftermath, he felt no pain, and his injuries were healed without external help just moments later. Immediately after this, Queen swung a massive sword at Sanji just to have it snap in two after contacting him.

While these seem like net positives and reason to continue using the Raid Suit rather than destroying it, fans saw the negatives begin to show just before One Piece episode 1058. In the prior installment, fans see Sanji seemingly attack a woman, something he would have never done if he was in control of his body and emotions.

For Sanji, this indicated that his manipulated Lineage Factors were awakening, not only giving him super strength and incredible durability, but also removing his emotions in the process. As Sanji explains in episode 1057, he is more valuable to Luffy and his journey as his current self rather than being an emotionless, heartless soldier.

This is also why he asks Zoro to kill him should he start to lose his humanity following the Onigashima Raid. He is so certain of what’s happening to him and which version of him Luffy would rather have on the crew that, as of One Piece episode 1058, he’s willing to die rather than hold his captain back.

Likewise, with it being clear that the Raid Suit was what was causing this transformation, destroying it severed Sanji’s ties with his family and halted his metamorphosis. While he loses a valuable tool, it’s not one that he needs. Sanji has always been reliable before getting the Raid Suit, and if he’s able to limit the emotional transformation which it initiated, he’ll only become more reliable thanks to the added strength and durability he has received thus far.

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