One Piece episode 1061: Sanji's Ifrit Jambe proves its flames to be some of the hottest in the series

Sanji's latest powerup is one of the most mind-blowing in all of One Piece (Image via Toei Animation)

The recently released One Piece episode 1061 saw Sanji and Queen’s long and hard fought battle finally come to a close in a memorable manner. Both emotionally and visually, the climax of this battle was a sight to behold, and truly embodied what’s so great about mangaka Eiichiro Oda’s series.

One Piece episode 1061’s conclusion to the Sanji versus Queen fight also saw the former unlock a brand new form, achievable only due to his modified Lineage Factor exoskeleton. This move, the Ifrit Jambe, is the newest tool in Sanji’s arsenal, and will prove useful in the battles to come after Wano’s liberation.

However, fans are questioning the hotness of the Ifrit Jambe’s flames, given some interesting stylization choices during its use. The answer may shock some fans and may even seem dubious, but based on what’s seen in One Piece Episode 1061 and its corresponding source material, it’s an accurate one.

One Piece episode 1061 suggests flames of Sanji’s Ifrit Jambe to rival the sun’s temperature

While One Piece episode 1061 and its corresponding source material had fans believing that Sanji has Conqueror’s Haki, this is unfortunately not the case. The lightning bolts that shot off of the Ifrit Jambe’s ultimate attack on Queen weren’t the characteristically black and red bolts that are typically indicative of Conqueror’s Haki.

The Boeuf Burst instead shoots white lightning bolts out of it, which are seemingly a nod to a real life phenomenon to highlight how hot the Ifrit Jambe’s flames are. In fact, if interpreted correctly, it seems that the flames of Sanji’s Ifrit Jambe are so hot that they can rival the sun’s temperature.

The process seemingly referenced in One Piece episode 1061 is the ionization of air into plasma. In essence, lightning is created by heating and ionizing air as its first step. This then allows electrons to move freely through the ionized air (also known as plasma), which then creates the visual and physical properties of a lightning bolt.

Combined with the fact that Sanji specifically says that his flames can burn hotter than ever before now, this seems to be what’s happening here. In other words, Sanji’s leg is so hot that it’s ionizing the air around him and creating lightning bolts as a result. Thus, it is presumed that Sanji’s leg is burning at or above 313,475 degrees Fahrenheit, which would be 174,135 Celsius.

What’s more incredible about this number is that it means Sanji’s leg is burning dozens of times hotter than the surface of the sun (9,941 degrees Fahrenheit/5,505 Celsius). While this could be a case of inaccurately applying real world concepts to an event in an anime or manga series, Oda is typically knowledgeable and conscious of what real-world references he includes in the series.

As a result, until further confirmation says otherwise, it seems that the flames of Sanji’s Ifrit Jambe as seen in One Piece episode 1062 are the hottest in the entire series. While it’s no Conqueror’s Haki, it’s hard to call the ability to burn dozens of times hotter than the sun anything but a fantastic powerup.

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