One Piece episode 1064: Luffy faces off against Kaido while the Five Elders remain apprehensive about the raid

Kaido crying in One Piece episode 1064 (Image via Toei Animation)
Kaido crying in One Piece episode 1064 (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece episode 1064, Drunken Dragon Bagua! The Lawless Dragon Closing in on Luffy, was released earlier today, on June 4, in Japan. While the previous couple of episodes focused on various Straw Hat members, like Sanji, Zoro, and Usopp, the attention has now shifted back to the captain, Monkey D. Luffy.

Undoubtedly, the most interesting part of the episode is the fight between Kaido and Luffy. As seen in the previous episode, the two fighters have been enjoying themselves quite a lot. However, the tone of their battle has changed significantly in the latest episode, as Kaido does something very unexpected.

As fans may note, the episode contains a little bit of everything -- intense fight sequences, humor, lore, and, most significantly, the ability to create excitement about the series' future. As the raid nears its conclusion, it seems that there are some bigger events that are expected to take place.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers.

One Piece episode 1064 continues with Kaido and Luffy's fight

Kaido overwhelms Luffy

Kaido versus Luffy in One Piece episode 1064 (Image via Toei)
Kaido versus Luffy in One Piece episode 1064 (Image via Toei)

After some intense exchange of blows between Luffy and Kaido in One Piece episode 1064, the latter is seen pausing to admire the weather and express regret for missing the banquet. Thus, he decides to start drinking, dismissing the accusation that it will weaken him.

Kaido's drunken behavior stands in stark contrast to his previously shown intimidating demeanor. This sequence is well-executed by the production team because neither Luffy nor the viewers can perceive Kaido to be a significant threat when he is intoxicated.

However, this results in Luffy's inability to concentrate on the fight, and Kaido effortlessly inflicts damage on the Straw Hat captain while evading most of his attacks. Furthermore, Kaido's Haki becomes stronger while he is drunk.

Toko's wish

Toko in One Piece episode 1064 (Image via Toei)
Toko in One Piece episode 1064 (Image via Toei)

Meanwhile in One Piece episode 1064, viewers get to see the Flower Capital of Wano, where the Fire Festival is being celebrated. It is the only day when residents can relax and enjoy themselves. Near the end of the festival, a group of people, mostly children, begin writing wishes on sky ships.

At this point, Toko arrives at the scene and is encouraged to write to her ancestors by Hitetsu in order for them to grant her requests. It leads to a sad scene, wherein she expresses her desire to see her father again.

The Five Elders reveal crucial information

The Five Elders in One Piece episode 1064 (Image via Toei)
The Five Elders in One Piece episode 1064 (Image via Toei)

Meanwhile, in One Piece episode 1064, the Five Elders at Sacred Marijoa are visibly preoccupied. First and foremost, they are concerned about the Reverie, which has been infiltrated. Additionally, they are also quite worried about the capture of Nico Robin and the ongoing clash between Kaido and Luffy.

Their greatest headache, though, is a legendary Devil Fruit that has eluded them for centuries, lying dormant. It is also revealed that the World Government renamed the Devil Fruit in order to bury its true identity.

The episode ends with the sight of Zunesha, the enormous elephant who appears in front of the Naval ships en route to Wano.

A brief recap of One Piece episode 1063

Usopp as seen in One Piece episode 1063 (Image via Toei)
Usopp as seen in One Piece episode 1063 (Image via Toei)

In the previous chapter, Yamato and Fuga continued their mission to reach the guarded armory stocked with explosives. Yamato asked Fuga to take on the giant gatekeeper named Rokki to save time, following which, Fuga charged at the unsuspecting guard, and their impact forced the armory door to give way. Yamato wasted no time and dashed inside.

Meanwhile, Hamlet led Usopp to the location where Kinemon and Kiku lay wounded. However, before they could be rescued, a horde of Animal Kingdom Pirates appeared. Usopp decided not to leave anyone behind and resolved to fight.

At this point, Izo made a stunning entry and quickly defeated the majority of the Animal Kingdom Pirates. Usopp was able to take Kinemon and Kiku at this opportune moment and leave with them to safety.

Fans also got to see Luffy fight Kaido and Kid, whiled Law face Big Mom, in the previous episode, as well as learn about the whereabouts of other significant characters in the series.

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