One Piece: Every version of Vegapunk & what they represent

Fans are finally beginning to understand exactly who the mastermind behind Pacifistas is, and how he lives (Image via Toei Animation)
Fans are finally beginning to understand exactly who the mastermind behind Pacifistas is, and how he lives (Image via Toei Animation)

With the latest release of One Piece chapter 1065, fans have now been formally introduced to each and every one of the six Vegapunks. In the process, fans discovered the emotions that each Vegapunk is associated with, with each of them appearing to embody a distinct aspect of existence or thinking.

Furthermore, it seems those Vegapunks who represent the physical aspects of existence rather than the psychological ones handle such faculties for all of the Vegapunks. While incredibly interesting and exciting, many One Piece fans are confused about who the Vegapunks are and why they’re associated with specific emotions or facts of life.

Thankfully, it’s all quite easy to understand when combining these latest introductions with comments from Rob Lucci in an earlier chapter, discussing how all six are part of Vegapunk. Follow along as this article fully breaks down every version of Vegapunk introduced thus far in One Piece and what they represent.

One Piece’s Vegapunk satellites all different parts of one personality and mind

1) Vegapunk 01, Shaka, representing good

First up on the list is Vegapunk Shaka, designated Vegapunk 01 and representing the good of the Vegapunks. Based on context, and hints so far, he also seems to be the leader of the group, potentially being the main "Stella" body, which Vegapunk Lilith mentioned several issues ago.

Shaka is definitively shown to be the most level-headed of the group, actually being kind to the Straw Hats and treating them well. He also stopped two separate attacks on them from Vegapunk Lilith and the Jinbe Seraphim, solidifying his representation of the good that Vegapunk has to offer.

2) Vegapunk 02, Lilith, representing evil

Vegapunk 02, Lilith, represents evil in contrast to One Piece's Vegapunk Shaka. This definition is likely a very broad one, with Lilith seeming more chaotic than anything else based on her appearances thus far. This is suggested by her cornering the Straw Hats upon their arrival on Egghead Island, and is further supported by her instigating a fight between Sanji's group and the Jinbe Seraphim in One Piece chapter 1065.

Her interactions with Shaka, in which the two are frequently in direct opposition to or at odds with one another, serve as further evidence that she embodies the evil of Vegapunk's personality. Although the interactions they’ve had so far have been relatively sparse, the juxtaposition of their personalities is no less apparent.

3) Vegapunk 03, Edison, representing thinker

Recently introduced in One Piece chapter 1065, Vegapunk 03, better known as Edison, represents the thinker in Vegapunk. This could most likely be synonymous with inventor, since he runs off to start a new experiment and come up with a new invention almost immediately after being introduced to fans.

Unfortunately, with him having only just been introduced, not much more can be said about his personality. What little else can be said is that he appears to prioritize and value the work he and the other Vegapunks do tremendously, becoming extremely flustered as the Straw Hats begin to fight back against the Seraphim.

4) Vegapunk 04, Pythagoras, representing wisdom

Next up on the list is Vegapunk 04, Pythagoras, representing the wisdom Vegapunk has to offer. Also introduced in One Piece chapter 1065, Pythagoras is first seen handling the battle data from the Jinbe Seraphim’s fight with the Straw Hats. He's also shown to be ecstatic about it, frantically praising the rarity of the data while rushing to enter it.

Pythagoras’ wisdom is further shown via his making inferences about the Seraphim based on the battle data, such as suggesting that lineage factors store recollections and capabilities. Unfortunately, he’s not seen again in the issue beyond this point in any way that further characterizes him, giving fans all they can learn about him for now.

5) Vegapunk 05, Atlas, representing violence

The next of One Piece’s Vegapunk satellites is Vegapunk 05, Atlas, representing violence. Having been introduced in One Piece's previous chapters, fans are already fairly familiar with her, representing the anger within Vegapunk. She is portrayed as having a pleasant personality, but she also has the potential to become violent when enraged.

There isn't much more revealed about her character, with the only other obvious personality trait being that she appears particularly irritated by the limitations of their research. While fans will likely learn more as she continues to appear in the Egghead Island arc, this is unfortunately all that can be said for now.

6) Vegapunk 06, York, representing greed

Finally, the last and latest Vegapunk to be introduced is Vegapunk 06, York, who represents greed. She's arguably the most human of the Vegapunk satellites, evidently in charge of the other Vegapunks' eating, sleeping, and bathroom needs. This is implied by Edison asking York to eat for him, as well as by the relief expressed by Edison, Pythagoras, and York after the latter went to the bathroom.

She also seems to be one of the more carefree Vegapunks introduced in One Piece so far, apparently responsible for nothing other than the abovementioned physical activities. This would again further imply that she is indeed responsible for the physical conditions of life and existence which all six Vegapunks seemingly must adhere to.