One Piece final saga poster marks the beginning of the end

Fans are having trouble holding back tears with the series' end at hand (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)
Fans are having trouble holding back tears with the series' end at hand (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)

One Piece announced during the Film: Red livestream earlier this week that mangaka Eiichiro Oda’s legendary adventure would be entering its final saga after resuming publication. Fans were also notified that the series will be on a one-month hiatus following the release of Chapter 1053.

This one-month hiatus will be used to prepare for the final stages of One Piece’s story, that are set to be included in Chapter 1054. The official Twitter account for the series released a poster celebrating the beginning of the final saga, confirming the news further.

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One Piece celebratory poster confirms that series is entering its final saga

About the poster and its implications

As mentioned above, the official One Piece Twitter account shared an image celebrating the beginning of the final saga of the series. The poster features Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hats who have officially joined up to this point. Interestingly, Yamato is noticeably absent despite joining in Chapter 1051.

With the release of the poster, it seems the beginning of the end has officially begun in regard to the beloved series. The poster might be missing a Straw Hat pirate, but most fans seem to agree about the implications. While some are simultaneously celebrating and lamenting the end of Luffy’s journey, others have expressed their confusion regarding the terminology used to describe anime and manga story sections.

The term “arc” is used to describe a single, succinct section of the story which has a clear beginning and an end point. In One Piece’s case, 'arc' can be used to describe the incidents at a specific location, from the time of their arrival to their departure. The Dressrosa arc is an apt example.

On the other hand, the term “saga” is used to define a group of story arcs that contribute to the overall development of the story. One great example from the series would be the Yonko saga, which includes the Zou, Whole Cake Island, and Wano arcs. This sage will hence come to an end with Wano arc’s ending. Since the two Yonko, who were opposed by Luffy’s group during the saga, are defeated in Wano, the saga will end alongside that plotline.

What author Eiichiro Oda is preparing for is the series’ final saga, and not the final arc. This means that fans can count on at least two more arcs contributing to this overarching saga, which will likely span a few years at least. As a result, fans can count on the series still being around and releasing new material for quite some time.

Fan reaction

While fans are excited about the ending and what to expect, they cannot help but lament about the series’ looming, inevitable end. Many are finding comfort in having witnessed Luffy's journey thus far, and are thankful to be able to see the end.

Others expressed how the series was an integral part of their lives, and stated that they will miss the series that was so impactful to them. Fans seem incredibly grateful for the world created by mangaka Eiichiro Oda, even if they’re somewhat upset when thinking about the end.

Fans always knew that this day was going to come, but that does not take away the sting of harsh reality. It is only natural that they experience bittersweet emotions as they come to terms with the announcement of the final saga.

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