One Piece Film: Red leaks have fans questioning if Shanks is the strongest Conqueror's Haki user

The latest One Piece Film: Red spoilers suggest something interesting about Shanks (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)
The latest One Piece Film: Red spoilers suggest something interesting about Shanks (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)

One Piece Film: Red leaks began circulating on the internet last night, as the film's Japanese pre-release premieres began. While many interesting details about Uta, her powers, and the film’s overall plot and progression were made available, fans are honing in on one specific leak for good reason.

Per the aforementioned leaks, there’s apparently a scene in One Piece Film: Red in which Kizaru witnesses Shanks knock out Momonga with his Conqueror’s Haki. This apparently has Kizaru sweating, and choosing not to fight Shanks due to the sheer level of destruction their battle would cause.

However, fans are suspecting that this is actually a tease to symbolize how strong Shanks’ Conqueror’s Haki is, furthering that Kizaru opted not to fight the Yonko as he was scared. Follow along as this article covers the latest One Piece Film: Red leaks and fans’ reactions to them.

One Piece Film: Red possibly teasing Shanks as being strongest Conqueror’s Haki user, depending on who’s asked

The leaks and the reactions

#OP_FILMREDAdditional Spoiler thanks to 5ch:Shanks knocks out Momonga with his CoC. Kizaru is sweating to see Shanks. Both Kizaru and Fujitora decide to retreat after seeing Shanks' Haki (partly because their fight will cause damage to civilians.) SHANKS🔥🔥

As aforementioned, spoilers and leaks from the pre-release screenings of One Piece Film: Red began circulating on social media Friday night and early Saturday morning. One specific spoiler, posted by @OP_NEWS2022, is a reposted account of the leaks and news from other verified and reputable sources within the community.

#OP_FILMRED #ONEPIECE1054 If Shanks is now the most powerful Conqueror Haki user then what will happen if he uses conqueror haki on his sword!!!!😱😱 His conqueror Haki can even knock out a Vice Admiral!!!》I am so excited to see Shanks FIGHT SERIOUSLY!!!🔥🔥🔥

One of the spoilers they sourced from another account claims that Kizaru and Shanks meet in the film, with the former sweating at the sight of the latter’s Conqueror’s Haki. @OP_NEWS2022, amongst other fans, are now questioning whether this scene, combined with previously known information, seems to confirm Shanks’ Conqueror’s Haki as the strongest.

@OP_NEWS2022 This is likely the canon info about Shanks that were said by Goda earlier.

While @OP_NEWS2022 is making fair speculation in this regard, they seem to be undervaluing how strong such a skill would be. In another tweet, they emphasise that Shanks has the potential to knock out a Vice Admiral if he uses Advanced Conqueror's Haki.

@OP_NEWS2022 Even Luffy can do that .. don't overhype , Haki still same concept

However, they seem to be forgetting that, in their very own tweet, they claim Shanks to knock out Vice Admiral Momonga with standard Conqueror’s Haki alone in the movie. With this in mind, it should be a given that rather than a question of whether or not Shanks can beat a Vice Admiral with Advanced Conqueror’s Haki, let alone standard.

Interestingly enough, the replies to @OP_NEWS2022’s tweet show more support for Shanks having the strongest Conqueror’s Haki than their tweet alone does. One user responds by posting a clip of Shanks knocking out some of the Whitebeard Pirates without even activating his Conqueror’s Haki, which is already more evidence for such a claim than exists in @OP_NEWS2022’s tweet.

@OP_NEWS2022 we still don't know if dragon or garp have COC as well so title of strongest still can be contested 😂😂 and let's not forget buggy the brand new emperor he still in running to be be strongest pirate ever 😂😂 Also isn't the bigger accomplishment that he made kizaru sweat😂

Others seem to be ignoring the somewhat dubious claims posted, instead opting to theorize about matchups between Shanks and some of the strongest other Conqueror’s Haki users. One particularly popular hypothetical matchup seems to be Zoro versus Shanks, likely due to the two’s being swordsmen when in combat.

@OP_NEWS2022 A vice admiral is nothing now lol

On the other hand, some are picking up on how strange it is to claim Shanks as having the strongest Conqueror’s Haki, as well as the specific example being used here. Regardless of the validity of such a claim regarding Shanks’ hierarchy amongst Conqueror’s users, comparing his potential strength to that of a mere Vice Admiral is questionable at best.

Be sure to keep up with all One Piece Film: Red news, as well as all One Piece anime, manga, and live-action news as the year of the series’ 25th anniversary progresses.

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