One Piece watch Guide: How to watch all arcs and movies in order

One Piece (Image Via Toei Animation)
One Piece (Image Via Toei Animation)

Embarking on the One Piece anime journe­y is akin to setting sail upon the vast Grand Line. This compre­hensive guide functions as a trusty compass, e­xpertly navigating through the multitude of e­pisodes, movies, and story arcs that compose this le­gendary series. Whe­ther the viewer is a seasone­d sailor or a new adventurer, this guide­ will assist in plotting their course, guaranteeing that no pivotal mome­nts or hidden treasures e­vade their discovery along the way.

One Pie­ce, created by Eiichiro Oda, is an adore­d anime series that has stole­n the hearts of millions all around the world. It take­s its audience on exhilarating journeys alongside Monkey D. Luffy and his courageous pirate­ crew. It follows them as they embark on a que­st to claim the ultimate treasure­ known as the "One Piece­" and become the Pirate­ King.

One Piece offers a vibrant and action-packe­d universe brimming with intriguing characters, intricate­ plots, and an abundance of humor with its 1000 and counting episodes. However, that isn't all as the anime also has nume­rous captivating movies and a plethora of enthralling story arcs.

One Piece watch order: Filler list, movie list, and spin-off series

For those looking to jump into the world of the One Piece anime, here is a guide to help them along the way. The anime is available to stream on Crunchyroll and Funimation along with Netflix, which has a selection of episodes.

1) East Blue Saga (episodes 1-61)

East Blue Saga (Image via Toei Animation)
East Blue Saga (Image via Toei Animation)
  • Romance Dawn Arc (episodes 1-3)
  • Orange Town Arc (episodes 4-8)
  • Syrup Village Arc (episodes 9-18)
  • Movie #1 | One Piece: The movie (After episode 18)
  • Baratie Arc (episodes 19-30)
  • Arlong Park Arc (episodes 31-44)
  • Loguetown Arc (Episodes 45, 48-53)
  • Buggy’s Crew Adventure Chronicles (episodes 46-47)
  • Movie #2 | Clockwork Island Adventure (After episode 52)
  • Warship Island arc (Filler arc) (episodes 54-61)

2) Arabasta Saga (episodes 62-135)

Arabasta Saga (Image via Shueisha)
Arabasta Saga (Image via Shueisha)
  • Reverse Mountain Arc (episodes 62-63)
  • Whiskey Peak Arc (episodes 64-67)
  • Diary of Koby-Meppo Arc (episodes 68-69)
  • Little Garden Arc (episodes 70-77)
  • Drum Island Arc (episodes 78-91)
  • Movie #9 | Episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in Winter, Miracle Sakura (Drum Island Arc remake)
  • Arabasta Arc (episodes 92-130)
  • Movie #3 | Chopper’s Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals (After episode 102)
  • Movie #4 | Dead End Adventure (After episode 130)
  • Post-Arabasta Arc (Filler arc) (episodes 131-135)
  • Movie #8 | Episode of Arabasta: The Desert Princess and the Pirates (Arabasta saga remake)

3) Sky Island Saga (episodes 136-206)

Sky Island Saga (Image via Toei Animation)
Sky Island Saga (Image via Toei Animation)
  • Goat Island Arc (Filler arc) (episodes 136-138)
  • Ruluka Island Arc (Filler arc) (episodes 139-143)
  • Movie #5 | The Cursed Holy Sword (After episode 143)
  • Jaya Arc (episodes 144-152)
  • Skypiea Arc(episodes 153-195)
  • G-8 Arc (Filler arc) (episodes 196-206)

4) Water 7 Saga (episodes 207-325)

Water 7 Saga (Image via Toei Animation)
Water 7 Saga (Image via Toei Animation)
  • Long Ring Long Land Arc (episodes 207-219)
  • Ocean’s Dreams Arc (Filler arc) (episodes 220-224)
  • Foxy’s Return Arc (Filler arc) (episodes 225-228)
  • Movie #6 | Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island (After episode 224)
  • Movie #7 | The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle (After episode 228)
  • Water 7 Arc (episodes 229-263)
  • Enies Lobby Arc (episodes 264-290, 293-302, 304-312)
  • Boss Luffy Historical Special (Special Episodes) (Episodes 291-292, 303, 406-407)
  • Post-Enies Lobby Arc (episodes 313-325)

5) Thriller Bark Saga (episodes 326-384)

Thriller Bark Saga (Image via Shueisha)
Thriller Bark Saga (Image via Shueisha)
  • Ice Hunter Arc (Filler arc) (episodes 326-335)
  • Chopper Man Special (Special Episodes) (episode 336)
  • Thriller Bark Arc (episodes 337-381)
  • Movie #10 | One Piece Film: Strong World (After episode 381)
  • Spa Island Arc (Filler arc) (episodes 382-384)

6) Summit War Saga (episodes 385-516)

Summit War Saga (Image via Toei Animation)
Summit War Saga (Image via Toei Animation)
  • Saboady Archipelago Arc (episodes 385-405)
  • Movie #11 | One Piece 3D: Straw Hat Chase
  • Amazon Lily Arc (episodes 408-417)
  • Straw Hat’s Separation Serial (418-421, 453-456)
  • Impel Down Arc (episodes 422-425, 430-452)
  • Little East Blue Arc (Filler arc) (episodes 426 - 429)
  • Marineford Arc (episodes 457-489)
  • Post-War Arc (episodes 490-491, 493-516)
  • Toriko Crossover (Special Episode) (Episode 492)

7) Fish-Man Island Saga (episodes 517-574)

Fish-Man Island Saga (Image via Shueisha)
Fish-Man Island Saga (Image via Shueisha)
  • Return to Sabaody Arc (episodes 517-522)
  • Fish-Man Island Arc (episodes 523-541, 543-574)
  • Movie #12 | One Piece Film: Z (After episode 573)
  • Toriko Crossover (Special Episode) (Episode 542)

8) Dressrosa Saga (episodes 575-746)

Dressrosa Saga (Image via Toei Animation)
Dressrosa Saga (Image via Toei Animation)
  • Z’s Ambition (Filler arc) (episodes 575-578)
  • Punk Hazard Arc (episodes 579-589, 591-625)
  • Toriko & Dragon Ball Crossover (Special Episode) (Episode 590)
  • Caesar Retrieval (Filler arc) (episodes 626-628)
  • Dressrosa Arc(episodes 629-746)

9) Four Emperors Saga (episodes 747- Ongoing)

Four Emperors Saga (Image via JAPANFM)
Four Emperors Saga (Image via JAPANFM)
  • Silver Mine Arc (Filler arc) (episodes 747-750)
  • Movie #13 | One Piece Film: Gold (After episode 750)
  • Zou Arc (episodes 751-779)
  • Marine Rookie Arc (Filler arc) (episodes 780-782)
  • Whole Cake Island Arc (episodes 783-877)
  • Levely Arc (episodes 878-889)

10) Wano Saga

The Straw Hat crew in Wano (Image via Toei Animation)
The Straw Hat crew in Wano (Image via Toei Animation)
  • Wano Arc (episodes 890-894, 897-906, 908-1028)
  • Cidre Guild Arc (Filler arc) (Episodes 895-896)
  • Movie #14 | One Piece Stampede (After episode 896)
  • Anime 20th Anniversary Special (Special Episode) (Episode 907)
  • Uta’s Past Arc (Filler arc) (Episodes 1029-1030)
  • Movie #15 | One Piece RED (after Uta’s Past Arc)
  • Wano Arc Part 3 (episodes 1031-1085)

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11) Final Saga

Straw Hats in Egghead Island (Image via Toei Animation)
Straw Hats in Egghead Island (Image via Toei Animation)
  • Egghead Arc (episodes 1086-continuing)

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Where to Watch One Piece anime and movies

The anime and movie­s can be easily accesse­d on various streaming platforms. Both Crunchyroll and Funimation offer the se­ries with English subtitles, while Funimation also provide­s an English dubbed version.

Additionally, Netflix fe­atures a selection of e­pisodes. As for the movies, the­y can be found on Amazon Prime or purchased dire­ctly from the official One Piece­ website.


One Pie­ce transcends being just an anime­, it embraces the spirit of adve­nture, beckoning fans to embark on a journe­y alongside Luffy and his loyal crew.

This guide can be looked at as an initial foothold in that remarkable odyssey. Re­member, although the voyage­ may be lengthy, seasone­d One Piece e­nthusiasts unanimously assure that it is a voyage well worth unde­rtaking.

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