One Piece: What is the connection between Shanks and Buggy?

Shanks and Buggy in their early childhood (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Viz Media/One Piece)
Shanks and Buggy in their early childhood (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Viz Media/One Piece)

Despite their differences in power, Shanks and Buggy have always had a deep connection in the One Piece series. These characters have been around since the very beginning.

One Piece may be entering the final saga, but Shanks and Buggy are still very much relevant in the story. Eiichiro Oda will definitely have something in store for them in the near future, given their rich history together.

Before going any further, please note that this article contains major spoilers from One Piece Chapter 1053. However, it is only available in the very last section of the article. Without saying anything, the information is far too important to leave out.

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Shanks and Buggy are closely linked to each other in the One Piece series, but why is that?

They grew up together on the Oro Jackson


Thirty years before the main storyline, Shanks and Buggy were apprentices for the Roger Pirates. They had to do menial tasks like cleaning up after the crew. However, they would also take part in various battles, such as the Battle of Edd War. Of course, they would mainly stay in the background.

Shanks and Buggy would regularly argue over trivial matters while on Roger's ship. For example, Shanks correctly believed the South Pole was colder, while Buggy incorrectly stated that the North Pole was colder.

Despite their trivial arguments, Shanks did care deeply for Buggy. Right before Roger headed for Laugh Tale to find the One Piece, Buggy was struck by a severe fever. Shanks offered to stay behind with him while the rest of Roger's crew found the treasure.

Shanks is also the reason Buggy ate a Devil Fruit


The Roger Pirates were known for not eating Devil Fruits. However, 27 years ago, they found a fruit during a raid, the Bara Bara no Mi. The fruit is worth a fortune in the One Piece series.

Buggy wanted to steal the fruit and leave the crew, but his plan backfired in a big way. After he faked eating the real fruit, Buggy hid the real one inside his mouth. He ended up swallowing it whole after Shanks startled him.

By eating a Devil Fruit in One Piece, users lose their ability to swim. Buggy could no longer plunge into the ocean to look for treasure chests. He developed a grudge against Shanks ever since the incident.

After Roger's death, they went their separate ways


A year before Roger was executed in Loguetown, he disbanded his own pirate crew, and everybody went their separate ways. However, Shanks and Buggy were present at the historical event. Remember, the World Government was unaware of their allegiance. They both cried over the loss of their former captain.

Shanks did offer Buggy a position in his crew, although the latter refused. In the next several years, Shanks would form the Red Hair Pirates. Six years before the current storyline, he became a powerful Yonko.

In the meantime, Buggy fled to the East Blue, which is often regarded as the weakest sea in the One Piece series. He was also a starter villain for Luffy's journey.

Buggy was sent to Impel Down, although he would later escape. He even got to reunite with Shanks at Marineford.

Both of them are now officially Yonko

Buggy has always been a very lucky character in the series. He's not as powerful as Shanks, but he does get by through a string of successful coincidences. He even became a Warlord based on his reputation.

After the system was abolished, Buggy somehow managed to escape the Marines. One Piece Chapter 1053 reveals that he also obtained the Yonko position through unknown means. Along with Shanks, Buggy will be a very important character now that Oda's series is entering the end game.

Without a doubt, Roger would laugh at knowing that his two apprentices eventually became a Yonko.

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