One Punch Man Chapter 164: Garou is becoming more like Dragon Ball's Goku after each Saitama encounter

Comparing Garou from One Punch Man to Goku from Dragon Ball (image via Murata)
Comparing Garou from One Punch Man to Goku from Dragon Ball (image via Murata)

One Punch Man Chapter 164 blew the entire fanbase’s minds since Murata decided to revise that particular chapter. Specific changes were made to this chapter’s ending, which changed everything. Some fans have been observing Garou for a while now, and he has reached new heights in terms of strength and overall combat power.

Garou has constantly been getting stronger ever since he started fighting Caped Baldy in the One Punch Man series. Some members of the One Punch Man fanbase have started comparing this character to one of the most popular shonen anime characters.

Fans believe that the character above is similar to Goku from the Dragon Ball series after observing the recent set of chapters that have been released so far. Let’s look at Garou’s increased strength and understand why this character is being compared to someone like Goku from the Dragon Ball series.

Disclaimer: This article contains major spoilers from the Monsters Association arc and the latest chapter of the series.

One Punch Man: How is Garou similar to Goku from the

Dragon Ball series?

The build-up to the fight between Garou and Saitama had been going on for ages and the two finally clashed against each other in the previous few chapters. Garou realized something significant that shocked the entire fanbase as well. Initially, Garou couldn’t manage to hurt Saitama one bit, and he was getting frustrated. What shocked us, however, was that he underwent a transformation when he was fighting the Caped Baldy.

He realizes that his powers are directly proportional to the amount of rage he harbors during a fight. The Hero Hunter was quite frustrated because his best efforts didn’t bother Saitama. Naturally, this frustrated Garou, which amplified his feelings of anger and rage. Because of this, he underwent another transformation that completely changed his appearance and made him far stronger than he was before.

Certain fans have compared one of the strongest, if not the strongest, Saiyans in Dragon Ball, saying Garou basically has the Zenkai Boost. This is a concept that Saiyans undergo when a person experiences a near-death situation, their overall combat abilities and potential increase.

Garou is nowhere near the level of Goku in terms of strength or overall combat abilities, but he is too transformed while fighting Saitama. Caped Baldy is undoubtedly a threat to Garou’s existence because he can beat anyone with a singular punch. Garou was one of the few people who could withstand Saitama’s consecutive regular punches.

This is one similarity that these two characters share. Now, the Hero Hunter underwent another transformation after encountering God. He disguised himself as Bang and offered to help him. Garou took the bait and proceeded to receive powers from God. This entity from One Punch Man is quite mysterious, and his powers are unknown. Garou had a new appearance, and it looked like he had stars and galaxies on him.

This new transformation would give him the strength to inflict a little bit of damage to Saitama at this point in One Punch Man. Fans eagerly wait for the upcoming set of chapters to see how this fight progresses.

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