One Punch Man: Does Saitama need Genos to come back to life?

Can Saitama continue being a hero despite Genos' death? (Image via ONE/Yusuke Murata, Shueisha, One Punch Man)
Can Saitama continue being a hero despite Genos' death? (Image via ONE/Yusuke Murata, Shueisha, One Punch Man)
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Rohan Jagannath

The One Punch Man fanbase is still taking their time to process everything that has happened in the past few chapters.

Apart from a ton of development, the series also managed to kill Genos - one of its most popular and beloved characters. This was a shock given that it’s very rare for One Punch Man to actually kill characters. However, following this recent death, fans have now begun speculating the impact it will have on the overall series.

Given how close he was to Saitama, Genos' death could significantly affect the plot. Here, we take a look at whether or not Saitama needs Genos to come back to life in order to remain a hero and not be consumed by rage.

Disclaimer: This article contains major spoilers from the manga series.

One Punch Man: How will Genos’ death affect Saitama?

Garou, in his current form, is ridiculously strong and able to keep up with Saitama’s Serious Punches. However, both Garou and the fanbase were aware of the fact that Saitama was holding back quite significantly against the Hero Hunter.

To draw out his full power, Garou then decided to kill Genos. Despite Saitama resisting the idea of having a disciple, Genos was quite close to him. After his death, a livid Saitama decided to stop wasting time and used his Killer Move; Serious Series: Serious Punch.

However, it is likely that Saitama will continue to remain a hero despite Genos' death, and won't give in to the rage of losing the character closest to him.

Saitama is holding Genos's heart while fighting 😭😭😭

Blast and his comrades were eventually forced to intervene because the shockwave from the attacks would have impacted Earth. Saitama’s Serious Table Flip shattered the entire surface of the moon. It is clear that the protagonist of One Punch Man is on a mission to stop Garou and the upcoming chapter will mostly show the Caped Baldy beating Garou in a fight.

Despite his rage after Genos' death, it is unlikely that Saitama is the type of character that will plunge into darkness. There are three possibilities that fans can expect.

The first is that One Punch Man could kill Genos for good, and Saitama would have to come to terms with it eventually. There have been numerous fans complaining that the series doesn’t kill any of its characters, but it seems like Genos will remain dead.

Another possible route could lead to the series exploring a concept like time travel. Whichever character is capable of doing this would be broken. If the series introduced a hero who could time travel, Saitama would no longer be the strongest character and things could get complicated.

The third and the most probable possibility would be Saitama taking Genos’ core and finding a way to revive him with Dr. Kuseno's help. However, given that Genos’ brain did not survive that attack, only time will tell how this story will progress.

As harsh as it may sound, Saitama could continue being a hero despite the death of his dear friend.

Given what Blast and his comrades witnessed, there is no doubt that Saitama will be asked to assist the interdimensional heroes on their crucial missions.

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