One Punch Man: Has Saitama ever been hurt?

Has anyone managed to hurt Saitama in One Punch Man? (Image via Madhouse)
Has anyone managed to hurt Saitama in One Punch Man? (Image via Madhouse)

Saitama’s strength and endurance have always been a topic of discussion among One Punch Man fans. To this day, fans aren’t able to understand the logic behind the Caped Baldy’s ridiculous strength. Saitama has been in numerous battles, and he has always emerged victorious. There hasn’t been a single character who has even come close to beating him.

While Saitama might have won against every opponent he fought, the fanbase is wondering if Saitama was ever hurt in any of the battles during the series. He fought some of the most brutal villains like Boros and Gouketsu, but has the enemy managed to hurt him in a fight?

Let’s look at some of the most formidable opponents who went up against him to give us some insight into whether or not he was hurt during One Punch Man.

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One Punch Man: Has any being managed to hurt Saitama in the series?

Fight against Boros


There is no doubt that Saitama is one of the strongest, if not the most robust character in One Punch Man. One fight that could have potentially hurt Saitama was the one against Boros.

Boros didn’t hold back in this fight and was strong enough to punch Saitama to the moon. This would have hurt any regular human being, but Saitama didn’t even flinch. In fact, he was surprised to find himself on the moon and went back to Earth to fight Boros. Many fans believe Boros managed to hurt him because the Caped Baldy’s clothes looked tattered and damaged.

However, that cannot be seen as an indication of Saitama being in pain. He was being his usual self and looked quite expressionless. If Saitama had been hurt, he would have reacted to one of Boros’ hits and expressed pain. Saitama ultimately defeated Boros in One Punch Man and did so quite comfortably.

Fight against Garou

There is another character who was far stronger than any monster that Saitama has faced. Garou was an exceptional fighter, to begin with. But his powers were enhanced after the monsterification process, and it didn’t stop there.

Garou had God’s powers which allowed him to understand the flow of all energies and forces. He was able to copy moves that took people like Bang years to master in a matter of seconds. He also managed to implement nuclear fission in those attacks.

His attacks seemed to do nothing to Saitama, and the Caped Baldy thoroughly overwhelmed the Hero Hunter. The latter gave up and taught Saitama how to travel back in time to save others from his wrongdoings. But there is one point in the manga that showed Saitama getting hurt.

Saitama vs cat

One Punch Man is a gag manga series, and the Caped Baldy was hurt in the most bizarre manner. A cat had scratched Saitama, and he screamed in pain. Technically, he was hurt by a cat, and the community jokes about how Boros couldn’t do much compared to something as harmless as a cat.

However, it is essential to note that Saitama might not have reacted in a similar manner if he had been serious. This is a typical example of how a gag manga series finds the most bizarre way to hurt a character who came out unscathed against some of the toughest villains this series has produced.