Ousama Ranking (Ranking of Kings) episode 18 reveals Miranjo’s past, Ouken overpowers Bojji

Miranjo's backstory is revealed in Ousama Ranking episode 18 (Image via Wit Studio)
Miranjo's backstory is revealed in Ousama Ranking episode 18 (Image via Wit Studio)
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Episode 18 of Ousama Ranking, or Ranking of Kings, took an unexpectedly dark turn. While the episode does partly elaborate Miranjo’s past, the climax is more concerned with Bojji’s ongoing fight with Ouken.

Viewers got to see more of Hiling and her nature as the queen. Daida was featured properly for the first time in Part 2 in episode 18.

Despa gets fatally wounded in Ousama Ranking (Ranking of Kings) episode 18

Ousama Ranking episode 17 revealed Ouken’s past and his burden of immortality. Bojji began to fight him, and found himself at a disadvantage. Miranjo introduced herself to Kage. Hiling and her party came across a wounded Apeas while Despa made his way towards Bojji.

Ousama Ranking episode 18 is titled “Battle with the Gods.”

Miranjo’s past

Ousama Ranking episode 18 starts with Bebin asking Bosse about Miranjo in order to get Daida back. Bosse calls Miranjo his mother, child, and teacher, and the person who is most dear to him.

As he starts to speak about the past, his memories are shown to Daida, who is still trapped within his body with the Child-Miranjo.

In his youth, Bosse went to the land of Magic, the Kingdom of Houma, to look for worthy opponents. He defeated Miranjo's father, Houma's strongest mage, and was healed by Miranjo’s mother and decided to stay with them for a while.

Houma had openly defied the Gods and was engaged in war with them, but the people of this kingdom were kind and generous. Bosse holds Miranjo’s mother, a doctor and the leader of her people, to the highest esteem.

When they were defeated in a battle, the people of Houma traveled to the impoverished land of Gyakuza, and struck a deal. They introduced magic to their hosts and watched Gyakuza flourish.

However, the people there were cunning and selfish, and often conned Miranjo’s mother. They performed heinous deeds and blamed Houma for them.

It all came to a head when the people of Gyakuza joined the side of the Gods and betrayed Houma. They ambushed and killed Miranjo’s mother, and then went after Miranjo, who was a child at the time.

These were the same villagers who Daida saw in episode 11. It isn’t revealed in Ousama Ranking episode 18 what they do to Miranjo, but from Bebin's and Daida’s reactions it becomes clear that it was beyond despicable.

Hiling’s command

#RankingofKings/#OusamaRanking Ep 18 SpoilersKing Bosse is right about being surrounded by kindhearted people. Even knowing what Apeas did and who he sided with, Hiling still healed him. Same with forgiving Domas for what he did to Bojji. We also finally got Miranjo's backstory

Elsewhere, Apeas asks Dorshe to save Miranjo. Hiling heals Apeas, despite being out of energy herself. Domas and Hokuro appear at the scene and apologize to Hiling, who enquires after Bojji.

Knowing that her son is engaged in a battle, the Queen sends a reluctant Dorshe with Domas, Hokuro, and Apeas to help Bojji.

Hiling stays behind because she is too spent to be of any use. Ann stays with her to protect her and asks her why she is so confident that they will be saved. Hiling says that Bojji gives her the same sense of safety that Bosse did, which is fitting considering Bosse’s power was originally stolen from Bojji. Hiling believes that Bojji will save them all.

Ouken vs Bojji

Ousama Ranking Ep 18.Hiling’s actions were truly befitting of a person of superior rank.The past of Bosse and Miranjo, the hard work of Bojji, the cooperation between Desha and Despa, the power of Kage... there are too many highlights in one episode!!#OusamaRanking

At the Palace grounds, Ouken has worn out Bojji. Kage tries to get Bojji to escape, but Bojji persists in order to keep Ouken from killing others. Looking at them, Miranjo remembers that her mother had told her to base her happiness on others. Just then, Despa arrives with the Captain of the Knights.

The Captain and Despa recognize Miranjo and decide that they have to kill her. Kage tries to smash her mirror, but refrains upon realizing that she is not fighting back. As the Captain starts to fight Ouken, the latter’s paralyzing technique is revealed to be Shirasampe, which is a technique that attacks the vital points of one’s body to immobilize them.

in ep 18 we can finally see the true (as of now) potential of a titan and a shadow clan member. i was so excited seeing both bojji and kage just going batshit crazy on ouken.also i find it cute how both were crying while fighting TT#OusamaRanking#RankingOfKings

Ouken tosses the captain aside and survives Desha’s remote lightening. As he advances towards Bojji, Despa uses himself as bait to save his student. He has a telepathic conversation with his brother, who asks him not to save him yet. Before Despa realizes what he means, Ouken stabs him.

Bojji goes berserk and attacks Ouken, but is wounded and falls down. Seeing Ouken advance on him, Kage desperately searches for something to do, and turns into a gigantic shadow that devours Ouken.

Final thoughts

Ilustración especial para conmemorar la emisión del episodio número 18 de la adaptación animada del manga "Ousama Ranking (Ranking of Kings)". La imagen fue publicada por WIT Studio (@WIT_STUDIO), el estudio encargado de la realización del anime #王様ランキング #OusamaRanking 👑

More of Miranjo’s past can be expected from the next episode of Ousama Ranking. The truth of Kage’s new form will also be unveiled. Despa is still alive and presumably Hiling can heal him. Hopefully, they will get him to the queen before time runs out.

Apart from the red-skinned child, most of the foreshadowing from the opening theme has been revealed in Ousama Ranking episode 18. The traveling scenes from the sequence are likely references to Bosse’s travels with Miranjo as well as Houma’s travel to Gyakuza. Both Bosse and Daida seem to care for Miranjo, and it remains to be seen what else is hidden in her past.

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