Psycho-Pass Providence film announces release date in the U.S.

Psycho Pass depicts futuristic worlds (Image via Studio IG)
Psycho Pass depicts futuristic worlds (Image via Studio IG)

On Tuesday, Sony Pictures and Crunchyroll announced that the movie Psycho-Pass Providence will soon hit big screens in North America, leaving fans over the moon. The sneak preview showings are scheduled to be held on July 11 and July 13 and the limited release is scheduled for July 14.

On May 12, the movie had its Japanese premiere, with both regular and 4DX screenings. The film was screened in 173 theaters across the country and was hailed by fans. The franchise has garnered a significantly dedicated and large fanbase even since its first airing, and it will be interesting to see its reception on the big screen in the West.

Fans of the psychological sci-fi thriller Psycho-Pass Providence will receive new content to satiate them

Naoyoshi Shiotani is directing once more for Production I.G., while TOHO is handling the distribution. Together with Tow Ubukata, who joined the franchise with Psycho-Pass 2, series creator Makoto Fukami is back as the scriptwriter. Ubukata is also famous for the soundtrack of the movie. As chief animation director and character designer, Naoyuki Onda is also making a comeback.

The color key artist is Makiko Suzuki, the art director is Shichi Kusamori, and the 3D CGI is handled by GEMBA. The compositing director of photography of the title is Eiji Arai, the editor is Yoshinori Murakami, the film composer is Ygo Kanno, and the sound designer is Yoshikazu Iwanami.

The movie is based on Gen Urobuchi's original Psycho-Pass anime.

The opening theme song for the movie, Alexithymia Spare, is sung by Ling Tosite Sigure, while the closing theme song, Tjisha (The One Concerned), is crooned by EGOIST. Several cast members from the franchise's past have reunited to be part of this massive project and people are hyped to see them back on the big screen.

The first season of the Psycho-Pass anime debuted in 2012 and has 22 episodes. In October 2014, the 11-episode Psycho-Pass 2 television anime series was launched, and the predecessor to the Psycho-Pass Providence film debuted in Japan in January 2015.

All three animes were released on home video by Funimation. The three-film Psycho-Pass SS or Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System project is also a part of the franchise.

Story of the new Psycho-Pass Providence film

In January 2118, Akane Tsunemori, the chief inspector of the Criminal Investigation Department for Psycho-Pass Providence, learns about the death of Professor Milicia Stronskaya aboard a foreign ship. The Peacebreakers, a new source of danger, and a foreign paramilitary outfit are responsible for the incident and wish to get their hands on the professor's research papers known as the "Stronskaya Document."

When Akane reunites with Shinya Kogami in Psycho-Pass Providence, a former criminal investigation department fugitive, the situation soon spirals out of control. The Stronskaya papers may contain information that could fundamentally alter the Sibyl System and the Japanese government. The missing piece is revealed in this fascinating tale.