Rent-a-Girlfriend season 2 episode 12 review - Mizuhara fails the audition, Kazuya starts crowdfunding

Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 12 Review (Image via TMS Entertainment)
Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 12 Review (Image via TMS Entertainment)

With the airing of episode 11 of Rent-a-Girlfriend season 2, fans became assured that Sumi and Kazuya are the sweetest pair in the series. Though the former’s nervousness limited her speech, her influence was such that it could even make a reclusive person like the latter open up in seconds.

After realizing that people can depend on others, Kazuya rushed toward his apartment like he finally got answers to all his questions. However, fans were eagerly waiting for the season finale to see what Kazuya was going to do for Mizuhara.

Episode 12 of Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 2 is titled Girlfriend and Me, and this article will briefly break down the episode by dividing it into three narratives.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for Rent-a-Girlfriend season 2 episode 12.

Rent-a-Girlfriend season 2 episode 12 highlights

Mizuhara recalls the memories of her late grandfather

The finale of Rent-a-Girlfriend kicked off by showing how Mizuhara kept up with her strict schedule of attending acting classes, following her diet, visiting her grandmother, and working as a rental girlfriend. After reaching her apartment from a date, she got a message from Obata regarding her audition for “The Big Love Bang."

Unfortunately, Mizuhara was rejected, which literally crushed her hopes. She picked up her late grandfather’s picture and started reminiscing about when he yelled at her for picking fights with the boys. Mizuhara’s grandfather, Katsuhito Ichinose, was a person who was madly in love with his wife. He wanted his grandchild to know what dreams are and how people should not give up on themselves.

If you still have a family, it's not too late to say thank you...Since watching Rent-a-Girlfriend 2nd Season Episode 12, I can't make my dream come true...My family doesn't care about it, but I can feel they're sad...#rentagirlfriend#彼女お借りします#かのかり#kanokari

Mizuhara eventually found out that her grandmother was a prodigious actress who was famous for her method of acting. Infatuated by her grandmother’s acting skills, she decided to become an actress herself. This excited her grandfather as his granddaughter finally found her interests and goals.

Mizuhara wants to keep dreaming

Chizuru Discovered Her Grandma Was A Popular Actress Back Then | Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 Ep 12

Katsuhito wanted her granddaughter to follow her dreams at any cost, but he also wanted her to apply for college because people should always have a backup option. One fated day, Katsuhito got into a car accident and his condition was critical. Mizuhara wanted to stay by her grandfather’s side, but to save him, she went to the shrine where her grandfather took her to pray.

Mizuhara walked up and down the stairs of the shrine numerous times, and each time she prayed to the gods for her grandfather’s well-being. During his final moments, Katsuhito bestowed his final words to his granddaughter that she must keep dreaming of making her wish come true.

Kazuya wants to make a film

Rent a Girlfriend saison 2 episode 12C’est le début de l’arc du film avec le passé de Chizuru et le projet de film de Kazuya. Le fait qu’on va peut-être attendre 2 ans pour avoir cet arc...J’avais peur de pas avoir une saison 3 vu les critiques, heureux que ce soit confirmé

At present, while holding onto her grandfather’s picture, Mizuhara broke down in tears when someone rang her doorbell. When she found out it was Kazuya, she opened the door and he barged in abruptly. The protagonist showed Mizuhara a project he started on a crowdfunding website to make a film starring her as the lead actress.

Kazuya hoped Mizuhara would agree in an instant, but she wanted to do some thinking about it. The latter agreed to the film as her grandmother didn’t have much time to live, and the former promised her that he would help her no matter what.

Final thoughts on Rent-a-Girlfriend episode 12

Season finale of Rent-a-Girlfriend was really good. It goes into Chizuru's past. I cried. There will probably be a 3rd season because the ending was kinda cool.

Rent-a-Girlfriend episode 12 turned out to be an absolute tearjerker, as fans became emotional after discovering the reason behind Mizuhara’s unwavering determination towards her goal. In the final moments of the episode, it was shown that Kazuya was working hard towards the crowdfunding project and learning about everything related to filmmaking.

Rent-A-Girlfriend 10/10 series, even Mami smiled at the ending 😁Season 2 episode 12 Finale#RentAGirlfriend #KanojoOkarishimasu

Without losing her spirit, Mizuhara got back on track and put her trust in Kazuya and his project. It was apparent throughout the season that Mizuhara liked Kazuya as a friend. However, in the finale, it was observed that the latter had started falling for the former when she questioned herself why her face got all red when she was talking to him.

The second season of Rent-a-Girlfriend was a rollercoaster of emotions and fans are eager to know when their favorite characters will return with the third installment of the series.

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