Sasuke Retsuden's sudden arrival on MangaPlus causes Twitter to erupt

Sasuke Retsuden
Sasuke Retsuden arrives on MangaPlus (Image via Manga Plus)

Masashi Kishimoto and Jun Esaka's Sasuke Retsuden dropped on MangaPlus and fans, unable to contain their excitement, have rushed to Twitter to react to the same. The story was originally written by Jun Esaka, however, a manga adaptation of the same was announced to celebrate Naruto's 20th anniversary.

Sasuke Retsuden features a canon storyline from a time before the Kawaki arc, given how Sasuke still has his Rinnegan in the series. This in itself had the fans hyped as Sasuke using his Rinnegan happened to be some of the fans' favorite moments from the franchise. With this opportunity, fans now look forward to future chapters of the series.

Twitter reacts to Sasuke Retsuden's arrival on MangaPlus

With Sasuke Retsuden releasing today, Twitter was inundated with posts about the manga's release even before the chapter was released, which is not surprising given how excited the fans were.

The posts, as expected, featured outfit memes, as fans love to showcase their love for the series by expressing their willingness to get suited up for their favourite manga's release rather than their own wedding day.

One fan even decided to create a meme with a throwback, as the tweet featured Outro 2 from the Boruto anime. The song was Sayonara Moon Town by Scenarioart, as the ending theme majorly featured Sarada and her parents, Sasuke and Sakura.

With the release of Sasuke Retsuden chapter 1, fans received two official colored spreads from the manga featuring Sasuke, Sakura, Naruto, and some important characters set to appear in the story.

Fans were in love with the story's first chapter as they observed how it received more than 170k views in an hour, while the latest Boruto chapter, which was released on Friday, didn't even reach 900 views on MangaPlus.

Even Sasusaku fans were elated with the series' release, as Sasuke Retsuden was set to feature both of them together in the mission in Redaku.

Sasusaku stans even got a gist of what was to come, given how in one of the scenes from the manga, Sasuke remembers his family, Sakura and Sarada. Sasuke was asked by a woman to marry her daughter, but he rejected the advance as he already had a family of his own.

That wasn't all, as after a long wait, Naruto and Boruto fans were able to witness Sasuke use his Rinnegan, that too, for his space-time ninjutsu, Amenotejikara, which he infamously used in the fight against Momoshiki Otsutsuki.

Even the first page from the chapter was amusing for many fans, as this was an unknown storyline to most of them. The first scene featured Naruto, who looked sick due to some reason. Here, we see him trying to stop Sasuke from going somewhere, however, Sasuke coldly leaves him on the street.

For the unversed, this scene looked a lot like some lovers' quarrel for fans, as it even gave them glimpses of the time when Sakura tried to stop Sasuke from leaving the Hidden Leaf Village, albeit being unsuccessful.

Final Thoughts on Sasuke Retsuden chapter 1

With the manga only making its debut today, there is so much more to look forward to. Sasuke has only now stepped into the mysteries surrounding Tatar, as he himself is intrigued by what was happening at the observatory.

Fortunately for fans, they won't have to wait too long, as the next chapter for Sasuke Retsuden is set to release on November 5, 2022.

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