Spy X Family anime release date announced, Netflix lists the show for India and South-East Asia

Spy X Family visual posters (Image via Toho Animation)
Spy X Family visual posters (Image via Toho Animation)

Tatsuya Endou’s Spy X Family is one of the most anticipated anime of 2022. Following the release of its third trailer, Netflix India confirmed that the series would begin airing on April 9.

The trailer disclosed the names of additional staff members and offered a glimpse into the domestic lives of Loid, Yor, and Anya. It also announced the opening and ending themes for the season. The split-cour nature of the season was also confirmed.

New Spy X Family trailer announces release date, themes, and where to stream


Spy X Family will be a split-cours broadcast with a total of 24 episodes. The first episode will premiere on Saturday, April 9, at 11.00 PM JST, on TV Tokyo, TV Osaka, TV Aichi, TV Setouchi, TV Hokkaido, and TVQ Kyushu.

The series is licensed by Crunchyroll (outside of Asia) and Muse Communication (within Asia), who are yet to disclose the streaming platforms.

However, Netflix (South Asia and South-East Asia) has already listed Spy X Family on their upcoming shows page. The first episode will air on April 9 at the following international times:

  • UCT: 2:00 PM
  • EDT: 10:00 AM
  • PDT: 7:00AM
  • ECST: 3:00 PM
  • IST: 7:30 PM
  • ACDT: 12:30 PM (Sunday, April 10)

Staff list


Spy X Family is produced by Wit Studio and CloverWorks. It is directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi, who is known for directing Mobile Suit Gundam UC, Rurouni Kenshin, Getbackers, and Dororo (2019).

Kazuaki Shimada (The Promised Neverland) is working as the series' Chief Animation Director. [K]NoW_NAME (Fairy gone, Dorohedoro, Sakura Quest) will contribute as the music producer.

The additional staff list is comprised of:

  • Assistant Directors: Takashi Katagiri, Norihito Takahashi, Takahiro Harada
  • Sound Director: Shōko Hata
  • Sound Effects: Noriko Izumo
  • Color Key Artist: Ken Hashimoto
  • Art Setting: Yuuho Taniuchi, Tomomi Sugimoto, Kazushige Kanehira
  • Art Directors: Kazuo Nagai, Kushiro Usui
  • 3D CG Directors: Kana Imagaki
  • Compositing Director of Photography: Akane Fushihara
  • Assistant Compositing Director of Photography: Yūya Sakuma
  • Editing: Akari Saitō

The third trailer


The third trailer mostly focused on the domestic lives of Anya, Loid, and Yor. It was more expansive, giving viewers a closer look at the make-believe family the Forgers have created.

Various moments between Anya and her “parents” are shown, from the awkward first introduction to the growth of her genuine affection for Twilight and Thorn Princess.

The infamous proposal scene is one of the most anticipated scenes in Spy X Family. Cloverworks and Wit Studio have decided to put it in the third trailer.

It has already been disclosed that the anime will feature Takuya Eguchi as Loid Forger, Saori Hayami as Yor Forger, and Atsumi Tanezaki as Anya.

The trailer listed Hiroyuki Yoshino (Iwaizumi Hajime in Haikyuu!!, Present Mic in My Hero Academia) as Franky, and Yūko Kaida (Tsukuyo in Gintama, Isabella in The Promised Neverland) as Sylvia.

It also listed Kazuhiro Yamaji (Kojirō Sasaki in Record of Ragnarok, Silver Fang in One Punch Man, Kenny Ackerman in Attack on Titan) as Henry Henderson.

The themes


The opening theme song for the first cour of Spy X Family is "Mixed Nuts" (ミックスナッツ, Mikkusu Natsu) by Official Hige Dandism.

Official Hige Dandism is the same band that performed “Cry Baby,” the opening theme song of the first season of Tokyo Revengers.

The ending theme song is "Comedy" (喜劇, "Kigeki"), performed by Gen Hoshino. Hoshino is responsible for “Gag,” the theme song for the anime film adaptation of Saint Young Men.

Where to read

Tatsuya Endou’s manga is still ongoing and is serialized in Shueisha’s Shonen Jump + platform.

Readers can avail of the latest three chapters for free on Manga Plus and Viz, as well as the Official Shonen Jump App. However, a fee must be paid to access the entire Spy X Family library.