Spy X Family Episode 10: Anya and Damian reach a temporary truce for a game of dodgeball

Mission 10: The Dodgeball game (Image credit: Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha, Spy X Family)
Mission 10: The Dodgeball game (Image credit: Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha, Spy X Family)

Spy X Family Episode 10 offered a hilarious break from last week’s more mature themes. To most viewers’ delight, this chapter was completely focused on Anya and her adventures at Eden Academy. The episode featured a dodgeball game, which was a slight parody of every sports anime.

Spy X Family Episode 10 surprised the manga readers by adapting only one chapter. To stretch it to 24 minutes, a few extra scenes and embellishments were added to the content, especially in the training montages. Some will argue that stretching a fodder chapter to a full episode may have compromised the pacing and cohesiveness of the anime slightly.

Spy X Family Episode 10 shows Anya and Damian helping each other for the sake of the match

In the last episode, Loid and Yor somehow appeased Yuri and kept him from finding out the truth of their marriage. However, Loid’s suspicions got the better of him and he bugged Yor. He later interrogated her in disguise to make sure that she was not an accomplice in her brother’s SSS work. However, they ran into each other while returning home and reconciled, with Loid realizing that he had grown attached to his fake family.

Spy X Family Episode 10 is titled The Great Dodgeball Plan.

Damian’s predicament

Spy X Family Episode 10 starts at Eden Academy where Damian is seen lamenting over the fact that his father did not come to his orientation. Emile and Ewan reveal that Damian’s brother is a legend at school, having earned several Stella stars very quickly to become an Imperial scholar.

It is revealed that Damian wants to achieve the same level of success and make his father proud. It becomes clear to the audience that Damian is a lonely child who is starved of attention, even though his behavior and arrogance cannot be excused on that account.


The students of Anya’s class learn from Class 7 that the Dodgeball game during the PE class will see a Stella being awarded to the most prominent player. While Damian practices with Emile and Ewan, Anya reports about the game to Loid and Yor. After Yor begins training Anya, it appears after a while that she may have become more athletic.

Bill Watkins


Spy X Family Episode 10 then moves to game day, and Anya learns why Damian wants Stella stars so badly. While it makes her sympathize with him, she does not feel any affection towards him. It is revealed during the game that the opposite team has a star player named Bill Watkins, also called Bazooka Bill. He is the child of an Ostanian Army General and has been trained to dominate every sports event since kindergarten.

His physique and intellect help him in this endeavor. While he treats his classmates well, he is ruthless towards his opponents. Bill takes out nearly all of Cecile Hall’s team immediately, with Emile jumping in front of Damian to take a hit meant for him. Anya, however, can read Bill’s mind and easily dodges every attack, causing him to become desperate.

A sacrifice

During one attack, Anya slips and falls which prevents her from getting up in time. Damian, despite having resolved to stay on the court for as long as possible, tries to block the ball Bill throws at her and fails, thus taking himself out of the game. Touched, Anya decides to win the game for Damian and employs all of Yor's teachings in her next throw.

The throw is tragically underpowered, and Bill takes her out in the next second. While his team rejoices, Bill is informed by Master Henderson that there is no Stella for this game. The Cecile Hall Class, on the other hand, has already started to bicker over Anya’s disastrous throw, with Damian claiming that he made his sacrifice over nothing.

Final thoughts

The pacing of Spy X Family Episode 10 is undoubtedly compromised due to adapting only one chapter for this episode. The training montages, while enjoyable and insightful, didn’t really add anything to the character exposition. However, the hint of Damian’s troubled family life at the beginning was a nice touch and made the character more likeable to the audience.

Spy X Family Episode 10 also confirmed that, while Bond may be introduced in this cour, we will likely not see the beloved dog in action. The preview suggests that the next two episodes will only adapt up to Chapter 17, which means that the audience will be left with just a glimpse of Bond. The first cour will thus end on a cliff-hanger.