Spy X Family episode 2 has fans rejoicing over surprise cast members, Yor’s introduction, and the grenade proposal

The most anticipated scene in this episode (Image Via Muse Asia)
The most anticipated scene in this episode (Image Via Muse Asia)

Fans have taken to social media to express their glee after Spy X Family episode 2 lived up to the hype created by the pilot episode. This episode introduces Yor Briar to the audience in all her assassin glory, and fans are already loving her, if not as much as Anya, then as much as they love Loid.

However, the true surprise was when the voice actors for Yuri Briar, Yor’s little brother, and the Shopkeeper, Yor's Boss and the head of the Garden, were revealed. Additionally, the episode ends with the iconic grenade proposal scene.

Fans take to Twitter after Spy X Family episode 2 introduced Yor and two surprise voice actors

Spy X Family episode 2, titled Secure a Wife, introduced the third member of the Forger family, Yor Briar. Yor is 27 years old, an employee at City Hall, and has a younger brother. In reality she is an assassin whose code name is Thorn Princess.

Yor works for a secret organization called The Garden, which aims to remove problematic individuals and maintain world peace. She is animated beautifully and Saori Hayami did justice to her character. Yor’s polite tone, even when she is killing people, is something both chilling and funny.

Surprise cast members and the grenade proposal

Fans were in for a surprise when Yor’s brother, Yuri Briar, was revealed to be voiced by Kensho Ono (Giorno Giovanna, Kuroko Tetsuya, Floch Forster). Their elation doubled when within minutes, Junichi Suwabe (Ryomen Sukuna, Victor Nikiforov, Shota Aizawa) was revealed to be voicing the Shopkeeper, Yor’s Boss and the head of The Garden.

Yor and Loid’s interactions, especially during Camelia’s dinner party, were also equally lauded. Loid showing up at the party in shambles and proclaiming himself as Yor’s husband instead of boyfriend was hilariously done. The infamous Grenade Proposal scene was made even better by Eguchi's and Hayami’s voices.

Animation and opening theme

Spy X Family episode 2 was animated by Cloverworks, and the animation style is visibly different from the first episode, which was animated by Wit Studio. However, the animation is in no way worse and the miniscule action sequences involving Yor did justice to their manga counterpart.

Unlike the first episode, which had a cold opening and showcased the ending theme, Comedy by Gen Hoshino, Spy X Family episode 2 featured the opening theme, Mixed Nuts by Official Hige Dandism. The song is rather catchy, and the opening sequence mixes several art styles to symbolize the shifting nature of the show itself.

The dark side

In Spy X Family episode 2, the audience gets another glimpse at the darker undertones of the show. Not only has Yor been trained as an assassin from a young age, but it has also become her habit to default to killing as a solution. The trials of a little girl trying to bring up her little brother in a merciless world will be shown more elaborately as the anime progresses.

The blatant misogynistic nature of the time period portrayed in the series, and the fear of living under a fascist rule, are shown to the audience through bits and pieces, carefully hidden under light-hearted humor and witty sarcasm.

Final thoughts

Fans are fawning over Anya in Spy X Family episode 2 just as much as they did in episode 1. Anya trying to play matchmaker with Loid and Yor has captured the audience’s heart.

Sylvia Sherwood was shown in the opening sequence, but she is yet to appear in the anime properly. A preview shows the newly formed Forger Family starting to prepare for Anya’s second test in the next episode.

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