Sukuna's latest stunt in Jujutsu Kaisen has put Yuji's status in the Culling Game in question

Sukuna's latest stunt in Jujutsu Kaisen has put Yuji's status in the Culling Game in question (Image via MAPPA Studios)

With the latest Jujutsu Kaisen issue seeing Sukuna forego Yuji Itadori as a vessel to use Megumi Fushiguro as one, fans have been anxiously awaiting info on the next chapter. Sadly, as of the writing of this article, no confirmed spoilers for the next issue are available; however, they should be released this week.

In the meantime, fans have begun scouring through the series’ previously published chapters to find any and all information pertaining to the impact of Sukuna switching vessels on the story. During this process, it appears that a Twitter user and Jujutsu Kaisen fan @ShamanUnholy (Antidote) has discovered an intriguing potential effect on Yuji's ability to remain in the Culling Game.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down Antidote’s threat on why Sukuna’s latest stunt in Jujutsu Kaisen may have put Yuji’s status in the Culling Game into question.

Jujutsu Kaisen’s separating Yuji and Sukuna may result in the former being unable to participate in Culling Game

Why Yuji’s Culling Game status is in question

Antidote’s Jujutsu Kaisen thread begins by taking viewers back to a time when Yuji Itadori and Megumi Fushiguro were just convincing Kinji Hakari and Kirara Hoshi to help them out. Yuji's Kogane appears out of nowhere while explaining the Culling Game to them, explaining that Hajime Kashimo has added a new rule to the game.

However, Yuji had yet to declare participation in the Culling Games by this point, as Antidote points out. They also correctly report that Yuji was thought to be a part of the Culling Game prior to his declaration with the help of Megumi due of a commitment Sukuna made with Kenjaku.

More specifically, Sukuna made a vow in his original life, which promised that he would participate in the Culling Game upon finding a vessel in the modern era. Furthermore, Antidote asserts that because Yuji is the only vessel in control of his own body in Jujutsu Kaisen’s Culling Games, his name got registered instead of Sukuna’s.

Antidote then reminds fans that chapter 212 saw Sukuna switch vessels from Yuji to Megumi Fushiguro, which may impact Yuji’s status in the Culling Game. If the only reason why Yuji was involuntarily inducted into the Culling Game was due to being Sukuna’s vessel, a Kogane may appear and ask Yuji whether he wants to participate or not.

This is because, once Sukuna switched vessels, he was no longer eligible to participate in the Culling Games hosted by Jujutsu Kaisen. Antidote goes on to point out how Megumi Fushiguro currently has 159 points left, with Sukuna now in control of Megumi’s body. They assume that Sukuna will be using these points to add a new rule, possibly using them to leave the game by dragging in a substitute.

Antidote asserts that this substitute could be Yuji if the young Tokyo Jujutsu High student is no longer considered a player with Sukuna having left his body. They support this by pointing out how Sukuna once told Uraume to not neglect their preparations, linking this to the scene of Kenjaku and Uraume preparing a “bath” for Sukuna.

Antidote concludes that Sukuna has little reason to remain in the Culling Game based on the latest Jujutsu Kaisen issue. They also add that Megumi isn’t someone who is completely suitable as a vessel for Sukuna, explaining that Sukuna needs to use Megumi and his technique soon before it’s too late.

They also point out that once Sukuna takes a look at the caliber of Sorcerer that comprises the majority of Culling Game players, he’ll be uninterested in the Culling Game. Likewise, in an effort not to waste time, he’ll try to leave it as soon as possible.

This casts doubt on Yuji's imminent status in the Culling Game, especially if it is proved that Sukuna was the player for them the entire time.

In summation

Thus, with Sukuna having seemingly made all preparations on his end, fans will see him try to leave the Culling Game in the upcoming Jujutsu Kaisen issues. If Yuji Itadori is asked to participate in the Culling Game or not by his own Kogane, fans will likely see Sukuna try and use Yuji as his own substitute.

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