The Simpsons Death Note parody heats up the fandom

The Simpsons Death Note parody (Image via Matt Groening)
The Simpsons Death Note parody (Image via Matt Groening)

With the announcement of the three segments of Treehouse of Horror XXXIII, fans worldwide are more excited for The Simpsons Death Note parody, titled Death Tome. The episode, in particular, is getting a complete anime makeover featuring Lisa, Homer, Krusty, Marge, and other essential characters from The Simpsons.

A short sneak peek teaser was shared after the announcement that gave a brief glimpse of The Simpsons Death Note parody, which took the internet by storm in no time. Both The Simpsons and Death Note fanatics are highly excited for the Treehouse of Horror XXXIII, and they can’t wait to see how Death Tome will play out besides The Babadook and The Westworld this Halloween.

Fans bombarded Twitter with expressing their thrill at The Simpsons Death Note parody

The Simpsons, one of the longest-running animated sitcoms, is well acclaimed for its Treehouse of Horror standalone anthologies that are released every Halloween. With rib-tickling spoofs like Not It based on Stephen King’s IT, the Exor-sis based on The Exorcist, and others, The Simpsons' Halloween-themed annual series, Treehouse of Horror has been winning the hearts of fans worldwide.

This year, The Simpsons' unique take on Death Note, a popular timeless psychological thriller anime series, is said to be the best thing to happen to Halloween. Apart from being another spoof, the Death Tome segment of Treehouse of Horror XXXIII will also play out as paying tribute to the original anime.

Fans were also taken aback by the news that DR Movie, the studio that helped Madhouse in the original anime, is working on The Simpsons Death Note parody. DR Movie contributed significantly to Death Note by working on the background art, clean-up, and in-between animation.

Some comic enthusiasts have shared raw scans of Ian Boothby’s The Simpsons Death Note parody issue on Bongo’s Treehouse of Horror. Nina Matsumoto, the renowned Canadian manga artist known for her illustrations in Slam Dunk and Vagabond, shared on Twitter that she drew The Simpsons Death Note parody in 2008.

Those who didn’t catch the wind of this 14th issue of Treehouse of Horror comics were shocked. Writer Ian Boothby won the Eisner Award for the Death Note parody in the Best Short Story category. Fans have commended DR Movie for how hilariously they’ve adapted the sequence where Lisa picks the Death Note, just like the protagonist of the original anime series Light Yagami does.

Lisa also says exact lines like Light, expressing her disbelief at the notebook's power. The sneak peek also surprised fans with Death Note’s original background theme, which is regarded as the original anime's essence.

The character design of Homer, Lisa, Krusty, and Marge is being well-appreciated by fans as it ultimately makes Death Tome look like an actual anime series. Where Lisa is donning Light Yagami’s role, Krusty will play Ryuk, and fans are having a hard time getting over this news.

Overall, it is apparent that the hype for The Simpsons Death Note parody is more than The Babadook and The Westworld. Anime enthusiasts are immensely excited about the spoof and are also curious about how hilarious it will be.

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