These 3 One Piece islands seem the most likely to be the next Straw Hat destination

Where will the Thousand Sunny take One Piece's protagonistic crew next? (Image via Toei Animation)
Where will the Thousand Sunny take One Piece's protagonistic crew next? (Image via Toei Animation)

With the latest hints for One Piece Chapter 1057 indicating the end of the Wano arc, fans suspect this issue will also show the Straw Hats leaving the island itself. Although unconfirmed, this seems to be a likely development that could occur, which means fans will finally get to see where the Straw Hats will go next.

Since Eiichiro Oda’s approach to writing One Piece has always been unpredictable, fans think anything could happen next, giving more room to build anticipation in the process. While the possibilities are endless, a few stand out as the next most likely destination for the Straw Hat crew.

Follow along as this article highlights the most likely destinations for One Piece’s Straw Hat crew to head to next.

Elbaf, Sphinx Island, Raijin Island are most likely the next destinations for One Piece’s Straw Hats

Where will the Straw Hats go?

As aforementioned, the latest hints for One Piece Chapter 1057 are yet to confirm the end of Wano arc. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait for summary spoiler information until next week, which will be delayed due to Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump publication team going on a general break this week.

Meanwhile, fans can at least look forward to guessing which island the Straw Hats will visit next in the upcoming issue. Several leakers have indicated that this will be revealed in the following issue, which many fans hope to be true. However, several fans have already formulated their own theories about the next possible destination.

Unsurprisingly, one of the most popular mentions has been Elbaf. The island of Giants has long been teased as an eventual destination for the Straw Hats, mainly via Usopp’s own personal dream of becoming a warrior of the sea as brave as an Elbaf Giant. Fans also suspect this to be the final Road Poneglyph’s location, hence Big Mom’s interest in allying herself with them.

This would also be a fantastic way to visit the island since fans have long since asked to see it. However, it’s doubtful that an island of such powerful warriors would follow the prototypical arc structure of the series’ story. Nevertheless, it would still be an amazing and beloved experience for the fans.

The next most likely destination is Sphinx Island, which some fans claim to have more chance of seeing than the other options. Oda once drew an official version of the series’ world map, with Wano and its surrounding islands included. Strangely, the map also illustrates three islands in the general vicinity of Wano’s region in the New World.

While not exactly lining up in the Southeast direction of Wano (the direction which the Straw Hats confirmed in 1056), Sphinx Island is still the most Southeastern in the area. As a result, some fans are pointing to this island as the crew’s next destination, despite its geographical inaccuracy.

The final destination fans can guess, which the leakers also seem to be alluding to, is Raijin Island. However, one major issue with this destination is that it was originally shown to be close to the Red Line, towards the beginning of the New World stretch of the Grand Line. Therefore, it seems unlikely that the Straw Hats would be heading so far back just to turn around again.

But it’s also possible that there are two Raijin Islands, or that the island close to the entrance to the New World wasn’t actually Raijin Island at all. However, until further information is presented by series’ leakers in the One Piece Chapter 1057 summary spoilers, this seems like the least likely destination for the Straw Hats’ to be heading.

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