Tokyo Revengers 265 reveals how Kisaki sabotaged Mikey and Takemichi

Exploring Kisaki's manipulative behavior in the series (Image via LIDENFILMS)
Exploring Kisaki's manipulative behavior in the series (Image via LIDENFILMS)

Ever since the Tokyo Revengers series released its first few chapters, fans have realized how sinister Kisaki Tetta is. He is the kind of character that a good chunk of the fanbase despises with every fiber of their being, and Kisaki has given people plenty of reasons for it as well.

There was this constant tension between Kisaki Tetta and Takemichi since the latter realized that he was one of the main reasons why Hina died in the future. However, those who have read the manga know that it’s a lot more convoluted than what has been shown in the anime. Mikey has also been manipulated constantly, and the latest chapter proves Kisaki’s manipulative behavior.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why Kisaki Tetta manipulated Mikey in Tokyo Revengers.

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Tokyo Revengers: How Kisaki Tetta manipulated Mikey during the course of the series

Before we look at how Kisaki Tetta manipulated Mikey, let’s understand the motive behind his actions. Mikey was not the only one who was manipulated, but every single person Tetta came across was nothing but a pawn to him. In one of the chapters that explored Tetta’s past, it was revealed that he was infatuated with Hina.

#tokyorevengers theory Takemichi new powers may have been passed by tetta kisaki, since tetta kisaki also saw how hinata rejected him in the past.

However, he realized that she had a boyfriend who was a delinquent. Tetta’s thought process was skewed, and he thought Hina would like him if he became Japan’s top delinquent. This is proof enough that Tetta always hated Takemichi and had reasons to sabotage him from the beginning.

#TokyoRevengers Chapter 265 SPOILERS ‼️- Mikey is looking for something other than strength, and he knows that Kisaki can fulfil it.- He tells Kisaki about the darkness.- He wants Kisaki to guide him.- He once let the darkness out to kill Kazutora.

The latest chapter of Tokyo Revengers focused on a conversation between Kisaki Tetta and Mikey. During that conversation, Mikey confessed that he had “something dark” inside him the whole time. Mikey also went on to ask Kisaki to stay by his side when his Dark Impulses consume him.

It’s highly possible that Kisaki was the one who masterminded the plan to have Baji killed to let Mikey’s Dark Impulses out.

Mikey’s Dark Impulses almost killed Kazutora, and Kisaki must have planned in a manner such that Mikey could fall deeper into the pits of darkness. Tetta has clearly shown that he will not stop at anything to become the top delinquent in Japan.

walk with me here y’all… kisaki manipulated mikey from the start and told Mikey that they need each other and even takemichi ended up believing it until chifuyu told him he’s wrong, without realizing that the two people who actually need each other are Mikey and michi

In the past, Kisaki constantly told Mikey that they needed each other and manipulated Mikey into doing some nasty things. This led Takemichi to believe that Mikey needed Tetta until Chifuyu intervened and asked Takemichi to stop thinking that way.

But the truth is, Mikey needs Takemichi because he wants to help Mikey get rid of Dark Impulses, unlike Tetta, who pushes Mikey further into this pit of darkness. To sum up, Kisaki Tetta capitalized on Mikey’s Dark impulses to manipulate him for his personal gains.

Mikey’s Dark Impulses have caused plenty of problems for Mikey and those around him as well. However, the Tokyo Revengers fanbase acknowledges that the only one capable of stopping Mikey’s Dark Impulses is Takemichi. Only time will tell if the Crybaby Hero can save Mikey from this predicament.

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