Tokyo Revengers chapter 236: Break confirmed, new release date, where to read, and more

Chifuyu in the leaked scans of Tokyo Revengers 236 (Image Via sanzukin)
Chifuyu in the leaked scans of Tokyo Revengers 236 (Image Via sanzukin)

It was confirmed today that Tokyo Revengers chapter 236 would not be released on schedule. After the raw scans of three pages from Tokyo Revengers chapter 236 were released yesterday, readers were hopeful that the chapter might be officially published today.

However, there has been no official translation, nor any further leaks or raw scans released today. Additionally, various sources have confirmed that Tokyo Revengers chapter 236 will not be released this week due to Wakui taking a break.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 236 is to be released next week

Tokyo Revengers chapter 235 also had a delayed release last week. There was no prior notice, and it was only on the day of release that readers were informed that the manga was on break that week. After the release of chapter 235, there was a rumor that Wakui would be taking another break this week. However, after yesterday’s leaked pages, some readers had hoped for a timely release.

Release date and where to read

Today, however, no chapters surfaced, and it was finally confirmed that Tokyo Revengers chapter 236 will be released on January 4, 2022, January 5 for some regions. We can expect more raw scans during the week. Tokyo Revengers chapter 236 will be officially available in Weekly Shonen Magazine and on the following online platforms associated with Kodansha:

  • Azuki, although only five chapters are translated, and only the first chapter can be read for free.
  • ComiXology Unlimited, where readers can buy the volumes. Up to volume 23 is available for buying.
  • INKR uses a coin system, where every chapter costs 16 coins which the readers have to buy. INKR has translated 206 chapters so far, and only the first chapter is available for free.
  • Kindle Unlimited is also linked with Kodansha, but the readers will have to buy the volumes from Amazon for them to be available for reading on Kindle Unlimited.
  • Kodansha has also listed InkyPen and Mangamo as a legal platform for reading Tokyo Revengers.
  • Additionally, the eBook version of the individual volumes is available on Google Play, Nook, and Izneo for buying.

Apart from this, various online manga reading websites publish the English translation of the latest Tokyo Revengers manga chapters. Most of these websites have the entire Tokyo Revengers library available for free. But readers must keep in mind that these sites are not official and hence not approved by Kodansha or the mangaka Wakui Ken.


From the raw scans which were released yesterday, Tokyo Revengers chapter 236 seems to mark the beginning of a new segment of the Bonten Arc. With Takemichi acknowledging that Mikey has changed too much for Takemichi alone to save him, we might be looking towards all of Toman coming together to save Mikey. Chifuyu’s return and reconciliation with Takemichi, as shown on Tokyo Revengers chapter 236 leaked pages, might also indicate a reassembling of Toman.

Inui Seishu has not appeared for a while, and readers have speculated that he might have a bigger role to play soon. Inupi’s current connection to Draken combined with his previous connection to Takemichi and his convoluted relationship with Kokonoi, who is now Mikey’s right-hand man, indicate that he might be the catalyst that Takemichi needs.

After dissolving Brahman to save Takemichi from Mikey, Senju has not come to visit Takemichi yet, and she might appear in Tokyo Revengers chapter 236. Furthermore, Mitsuya, who was close to Draken and Takemichi, has yet to appear once since Takemichi has gotten back to this timeline.

Hopefully, most of these questions will be answered once the official translation of Tokyo Revengers chapter 236 is released. The Bonten arc is the final arc of Tokyo Revengers, and chapter 236 might mark the beginning of a final battle.