Tokyo Revengers Chapter 236 spoilers reveal Takemichi’s plan against Mikey

Takemichi and Hinata in ‘Tokyo Revengers’ (Image via LIDENFILMS)
Takemichi and Hinata in ‘Tokyo Revengers’ (Image via LIDENFILMS)

With Tokyo Revengers Chapter 236 being delayed for a week, fans are eager for new spoilers. Luckily for them, Twitter user mina has just posted a detailed summary of the chapter.

While the spoilers are unconfirmed, and most are not supported by a raw scan yet, leaks from this user have proved to be correct before.


Tokyo Revengers Chapter 236 leaks reveal Takemichi and Chifuyu’s next steps

After Tokyo Revengers Chapter 236 was unexpectedly announced to be on a break, three pages of raw scans of the chapter were leaked on Twitter. These leaks had teased a reconciliation between Matsuno Chifuyu and Hanagaki Takemichi.

The spoilers, released recently, corroborate this with the additional information that Takemichi and Chifuyu might form a gang in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 236.

The recent spoilers state that Tokyo Revengers Chapter 236 begins with Takemichi and Hina watching the fireworks on the roof, as seen in the raw scans. The former explains that he has always wanted to protect Hina and everyone. That is why he could not let Mikey, who has always protected everyone, be unhappy when everyone else is happy.

Hina, of course, understands where Takemichi is coming from. He promises her that he will create the best team to confront Mikey with the help of everyone.

The spoilers then suggest that Tokyo Revengers Chapter 236 skips one month into the future when Takemichi has been released. He goes to the Pet Shop “PALME”, where Chifuyu works.

Chifuyu is cold at first, but when Takemichi tells him that he is assembling a gang of his own, he immediately quits his job to join him, even though he thinks it is hopeless.

As Takemichi and Chifuyu reconcile, Chifuyu puts forth the condition that the name of their gang has to be Thousand Winters, the meaning of Chifuyu’s name. Tokyo Revengers Chapter 236 ends with Takemichi and Chifuyu arguing about it.

Final thoughts

What gives this leak some validation is the official art released on Chifuyu’s birthday. He is seen wearing what is probably the new uniform for their gang while a key chain is being tossed at him.

On the keychain, the initials “T” and “W” are written on either side of a cat logo within a snowflake. The cat is likely Chifuyu’s cat, Peke J.

If the spoiler is correct, then Tokyo Revengers Chapter 236 gives us a reconciliation between Chifuyu and Takemichi. It also has a reaffirmation of the bond between Hina and Takemichi.

Takemichi’s reasons for going to such lengths for Mikey, debated in the fandom, are explained from his point of view, however controversial they may be to others. The fact that he has Hina’s and Chifuyu’s staunch support is also a comfort.

The formation of the new gang has been speculated since Draken’s death. However, it remains to be seen exactly who Takemichi invites as part of his gang.

Former members of Toman and Black Dragon are almost sure to join him. What is more intriguing is whether Takemichi will invite Inupi and Senju to join his gang as well.

Nothing can be said for sure until Tokyo Revengers Chapter 236 is officially released. It is slated to come out on January 5 (January 4 for some regions) and can be read on ComiXology, INKR, Azuki, Kindle Unlimited, InkyPen, and Mangamo.