Tokyo Revengers chapter 246 raw scans: Senju and Inupi show their powers as Toman hold their own against Kantou

Inui and Senju dominate the upcoming fight (Image via Kodansha)
Inui and Senju dominate the upcoming fight (Image via Kodansha)

After the last chapter where Takemichi knocked out Kakucho with a solid punch, fans eagerly waited for Tokyo Revengers chapter 246 to come out. Today, Twitter user Mina @taiyakiboi02 posted a few panels of raw scans along with some written spoilers.

Takemichi’s actions fuel the rest of the Tokyo Manji Gang to fight against the overwhelming odds and go head-to-head with Kantou.

[This article contains spoilers for Tokyo Revengers chapter 246.]

Takemichi’s actions spur the Tokyo Manji Gang to push back Kantou in Tokyo Revengers chapter 246

In the last chapter, a free-for-all brawl breaks out as the Tokyo Manji Gang fights their way towards Mikey, who berates Takemichi for leading the charge despite being one of the weakest fighters. Kakucho punched Takemichi, but the latter remembered his past trials and stood up, punching him back.

Kakucho was knocked out and skidded along the ground from the force of the punch. Everyone was rightfully shocked, including Mikey. Takemichi once again reaffirmed his goal of reaching Mikey.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 246 raw scans

Sanzu's shocked face after badmouthing and understimating Takemichi will never not be funny😭

According to the Tokyo Revengers chapter 246 raw scans posted by Mina @taiyakiboi02, everyone is left stunned by Takemichi’s sudden physical prowess. The page features Haitani ran, Mochizuki, and Sanzu uttering their disbelief, especially ran stating that Takemichi defeating Kakucho is an impossible turn of events.

However, Takemichi’s act clearly inspired Toman, and the next few panels show the members of the gang fighting their way through the continuous onslaught of Kantou fighters. Smiley and Angry are seen fighting side by side, as are Mitsyua and Hakkai.

Chifuyu is also seen knocking out members of the Kantou Manji Gang one after the other. Once he has knocked out 10 members, he is likely to go after Mochizuki once again. Behind him, Inui Seishu gets ambushed by a horde of fighters, but he easily defeats them.

The remaining leaked panel shows Senju working her way through the Kantou members as she advances towards either Benkei and Waka, or Mikey and Haruchiyo.

She loudly proclaims that “Kawaragi Senju” can defeat 100 people by herself. Considering that she is currently hailed as the strongest fighter after Mikey in the series, it seems to be a valid claim.


TR246//At the end of the day, it's mikey who gonna defeat them then go 1 vs 1 with takemichi. Remember the 4 heavenly kings was so useless in tenjiku except for kakucho. But this time, if he didn't get up from that punch...

Given that the Four Heavenly Kings were defeated by Toman during the Tenjiku battle, it is not a stretch to expect them to lose to Takemichi’s members once more. Only Kakucho had stood his ground back then, and now he has been soundly defeated by Takemichi.

Many fans have raised the point that Toman had both Draken and Mikey during the fight against Tenjiku. With Draken gone and Mikey at the head of Kantou, they lack their two best fighters. Senju’s presence cannot make up for both, especially with Benkei and Waka on the Kantou side.


However, Souya was the one who took out the Haitani brothers and Mochizuki. Additionally, Mitsuya and Smiley were wheelchair bound during the fight and Mikey’s primary focus was on defeating Izana. Calculating all of that, not only is the second generation of Toman in a better position, but it has stronger fighters as well.

Senupi the duo that we never asked but needed the most

The English translation of Tokyo Revengers chapter 246 comes out on Wednesday, March 16, and will give the readers a better insight into the developments.

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