Tokyo Revengers chapter 247 spoilers: Mitsuya goes up against the Haitani brothers, Koko and Inui meet on the battlefield

The cover of chapter 247 (Image via Kodansha)
The cover of chapter 247 (Image via Kodansha)

With the last two chapters showing Takemichi’s prowess and his growth, Tokyo Revengers chapter 247 seems to focus on other members or the Tokyo Manji Gang. Today, Mina@taiyakiboi02 leaked three pages of raw scans, and fans have been going ecstatic over them.

Additionally, Tokyo Revengers chapter 247 has a color cover page that features the members of the Second Generation of Tokyo Manji Kai in a new uniform. A rumor has been circulating that the manga will go on break next week.

[This article contains spoilers for Tokyo Revengers chapter 247.]

Mitsuya tries to settle his score in Tokyo Revengers chapter 247, Inui reaches Koko

In the last chapter, Takemichi’s strength inspired Toman to push against Kantou. The division-captains and vice-captains started to rapidly thin out Kantou Members. Senju and Inui specifically showcased their capabilities. Mikey instigated a fallen Kakucho by evoking Izana’s memories.

Kakucho took out the Kawata twins and Chifuyu in one fell swoop, advancing towards Takemichi. He welcomed Takemichi back, calling him his hero and moving to attack him. However, the latter kept standing even after the blows landed.

According to the spoilers, Tokyo Revengers chapter 247 is titled “Hey Dude.”

Tokyo Revengers chapter 247 raw scans

The first two panels of Tokyo Revengers chapter 247 raw scans show the battle in full swing. Mitsuya Takashi attacks Haitani Rindou, punching him in the face. However, Haitani Ran comes to his brother’s rescue, and attacks Mitsuya, hitting him from behind like he did last time during the Tenjiku Arc.

Shiba Hakkai, who was nearby, immediately comes to Mitsuya’s rescue and bashes Ran’s head in, like he promised to do in chapter 244.

In the last leaked panel, Inui Seishu is seen working his way through the members of Kantou when he spots Kokonoi standing a little further off, observing the battle. Inui immediately focuses on his former friend, calling out to him.


The raw scans don’t elaborate on what happened with Kakucho and Takemichi or if Mikey joined the fight. However, from the reunions and confrontations going around, it can be expected that Senju will come across Benkei, Wakasa, or Haruchiyo very soon, perhaps all three of them.

Mitsuya’s battle with the Haitani siblings continues. Hakkai had promised to hit Haitani Ran as revenge for the time when the ex-Tenjiku member hit Mitsuya with a brick. He seems to have kept that promise and has come to Mitsuya’s aid at the same time.

Many readers had feared that Kokonoi would suffer a terrible fate in this arc ever since he did the infamous “smile of death.” However, Tokyo Revengers chapter 247 has them worried about Inui’s fate as well, since losing focus in a battle such as this could be fatal.

The spoilers also stated that the manga will be going on a break next week. Chapter 248 is supposed to return with Weekly Shonen Magazine’s issue 19.

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