Tokyo Revengers chapter 244 raw scans show Takemichi facing Mikey, Toman fights Kantou

Toman confronting Kantou in Tokyo Revengers chapter 344 (Image via mina @taiyakiboi02)
Toman confronting Kantou in Tokyo Revengers chapter 344 (Image via mina @taiyakiboi02)

Two panels of Tokyo Revengers chapter 244 raw scans have been leaked today, courtesy of Twitter user Mina @taiyakiboi02, and they were enough to shake up the fandom.

While chapter 243 had stated that the final fight will take place at “Old Cargo Bay,” readers had no idea where it was. The visuals of the place has linked several foreshadowings together, and given rise to wild speculations.

[This article contains spoilers for Tokyo Revengers chapter 244.]

Tokyo Revengers chapter 244: Location of the final fight is revealed as Takemichi and Mikey share a final word

In the last chapter, the formation of the Kantou Manji Gang was revealed. Along with the expected members, Benkei, Wakasa, and Hanma were revealed to have joined Kantou.

Takemichi bade his farewell to Hina with the promise that he will return to her. On September 9, Toman and Kantou left for the final battle, which was slated to take place at the Old Cargo Bay.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 244 raw scans

Of the two panels of Tokyo Revengers chapter 244 raw scans, the first one shows Mikey and Takemichi’s faces side-by-side. In a dialog posted alongside the scans, Takemichi challenges Mikey by saying that they must enter the fight with the intention of killing.

Takemichi and his gang have come here with the intention of destroying the Kantou Manji Gang and reclaiming the name of Tokyo Manji Gang. He concludes his challenge with:

“Let’s go, Sano Manjiro.”

Having collected his thoughts, Mikey reacts to this passionate speech with:


The second page shows the two gangs charging at each other. On Toman’s side, Mitsuya, Chifuyu, Takemichi, Inui, Senju, and Smiley are prominently shown. In the Kantou corner, The Haitani Brothers, Kakucho, Mochizuki, Benkei, Wakasa, and Hanma are shown leading the charge.


The most surprising aspect to note is the venue. According to the spoilers, the final battle takes place over train tracks. This important motif seems to come back again and again in the series. Takemichi’s journey began on train tracks, and it seems to be ending on them as well.

While it can be inferred that the other key members of Toman are out of the frame or in the second line of attack, it seems significant that Kokonoi, Haruchiyo, and most importantly, Mikey were not part of the charge. As the financial advisor, Kokonoi is known to work behind the scenes.

However, Mikey not being as prominent as Takemichi seems like a creative choice on Wakui’s part. Haruchiyo is likely unwilling to leave Mikey’s side due to his particular conditioning regarding his “King.”

Final thoughts

All of Toman's notable confrontations so far (Image via Kodansha)
All of Toman's notable confrontations so far (Image via Kodansha)

Of the upcoming confrontations, readers can be sure of Takemichi meeting Kakucho and Chifuyu encountering Mochizuki head on. Inui is unlikely to face Koko, but he might go against either Benkei or Wakasa. Senju will have to face the other one, but she will not clash with Haruchiyo just yet.

Takemichi’s reaction to Mikey having recruited Hanma will be interesting, as will be Senju’s reaction to seeing Benkei and Wakasa on the Kantou side. Takemichi seems to have finally separated this Sano Manjiro from the “Mikey-kun” he used to know. It remains to be seen how Hanma is related to Takemichi’s journey so far.

More details can be expected once Tokyo Revengers chapter 244 is officially released on Wednesday, March 2. Readers can avail the chapter on ComiXology, INKR, InkyPen, Mangamo, and other platforms affiliated with Kodansha.