Tokyo Revengers chapter 246: Takemichi’s punch inspires Toman to fight Kantou as Inui and Senju show their capabilities

Everyone shocked by Takemichi's strength (Imager via Kodansha)
Everyone shocked by Takemichi's strength (Imager via Kodansha)

After Takemichi knocked out Kakucho with one punch, readers were waiting for Tokyo Revengers chapter 246 to show everyone’s reactions. Not only were they not disappointed, but Wakui also reminded everyone that Takemichi’s strength is nothing new.

Additionally, the Tokyo Manji gang found new motivation to fight the Kantou Manji Gang. Tokyo Revengers chapter 246 is action-heavy and gives the readers more insight into Mikey’s current state of mind.

Toman starts to overpower Kantou in Tokyo Revengers chapter 246, Mikey makes Kakucho return to battle

The two gangs charge at each other (Image via Kodansha)
The two gangs charge at each other (Image via Kodansha)

In the last chapter, the battle between the two gangs for the title of “Toman” began. Takemichi charged ahead and went head-to-head with Kakucho. While he was overwhelmed and took a few hits, Takemichi remembered his journey to this point.

Gaining strength from others’ faith in him, as well as his own accomplishments, Takemichi stood up to Kakucho and knocked him out with a sudden punch.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 246 is titled “Giant Killing.”

Toman fights back

Tokyo Revengers chapter 246 started off by showing everyone’s reactions to Takemichi’s strength. While the members of Kantou were shocked, including Mikey, the members of Toman only cheered him on.

They reminded everyone that Takemichi had always been strong enough to go up against the likes of Taiju Shiba and Mikey himself, and to remain standing after a battle like the Tenjiku fight.

Inspired, Toman rushed towards Kantou, swiftly working through them, led by Chifuyu. Mitsuya and Hakkai fought back-to-back, as did Smiley and Angry. Pah-chin defeated a considerable number of people by himself, with Peh-Yan providing him support.

Toman members overpower Kantou (Image via Kodansha)
Toman members overpower Kantou (Image via Kodansha)

However, the new captains of Toman’s Second Generation overshadowed everyone. Inui Seishu took care of a battalion by himself, defeating them with speed and efficiency. Kawaragi Senju, on the other hand, weaved her way through the Kantou members one by one, counting until she had defeated 100 members by herself.

Mikey manipulates Kakucho

Mikey's words to Kakucho (Image via Kodansha)
Mikey's words to Kakucho (Image via Kodansha)

As Kantou started to fear Tokyo Manji Kai, Mikey asked the fallen Kakucho whether he was done for the day, or if they were going to see the infamous “Brawler of Tenjiku” again.

He finished his little speech by saying that “he” didn’t die so that Kakucho could lie beaten on the ground. This clearly refers to Izana, and Kakucho quickly recovered, warning Mikey that he did not understand anything.

Having cooled down significantly, Kakucho took out Chifuyu and the Kawata Twins on his way towards Takemichi. He threw another punch at Toman’s president, but Takemichi managed to block it and stand upright.

Kakucho said that Takemichi used to wear the same expression when they were children. He smiled vindictively at Takemichi, saying,

“You’re back, Hero.”


Considering that Toman focused on thinning the lower ranks of Kantou before getting to the big players, it appears that they have a strategy in place. The Second Generation has fighters just as strong as the First Generation, and their chances against Kantou continue to increase after Tokyo Revengers chapter 246.

However, the core members of Kantou are all experienced fighters, and none of them have started to properly engage in the battle other than Kakucho. With Chifuyu and the Kawata Twins already knocked down, The Tokyo Manji Gang might be in trouble while Kakucho and Takemichi fight.

Takemichi’s ability to see the future has not resurfaced again. But it might make an appearance in this fight if Toman is to win. Additionally, considering that this is the last arc and Hanma is present here, the mystery surrounding Kisaki’s death will also be clarified.

Final thoughts

Mikey’s manipulation of Kakucho could be construed as motivating a fellow soldier, but the mention of Izana indicates that Mikey chose his words carefully. Rather than the unhinged Mikey seen in the Battle of the Three Deities, this one seems cold and calculating. He seems detached from his emotions and his people.

Kakucho’s words to Takemichi in Tokyo Revengers chapter 246 are reminiscent of Kisaki’s comments. The lattermost proceeded to shoot both Takemichi and Chifuyu in the Black Dragons arc. Takemichi has been a hero to a lot of people, but it remains to be seen whether or not he can be Mikey’s.