Tokyo Revengers chapter 258: Taiju Shiba arrives at the battle to save Takemichi and Toman

Taiju Shiba makes a grand entrance (Image via Donna @iluvluvnutella/Twitter)
Taiju Shiba makes a grand entrance (Image via Donna @iluvluvnutella/Twitter)

Since some of the raw scans from Tokyo Revengers chapter 258 were leaked earlier this week, fans have debated whether Takemichi’s savior was Taiju Shiba or Kazutora Hanemiya. Since both have two-toned hair, it was hard to distinguish. However, the official translations today answered the question.

Taiju’s entrance is not the only surprise for fans in Tokyo Revengers chapter 258. Some doubts regarding Mikey are clarified here, as is Taiju’s relation to Toman and Takemichi. Regrettably, Kakucho’s tragic fate is also confirmed in this chapter.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for Tokyo Revengers chapter 258 and a few panels from the manga.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 258: Kakucho’s death is confirmed, Taiju Shiba joins Toman

In the last chapter, the wound Kakucho received from Sanzu’s katana seemed deeper than it first appeared. To save Takemichi, Kakucho threw him out of the speeding train. With the help of the vision of Izana, Kakucho managed to locate the brakes and stop the train, saving everyone. However, when Takemichi rushed to thank his friend, he found that Kakucho had passed away.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 258 is titled, Strange Bedfellows.

Mikey’s knowledge

#TokyoRevengers258 #TR258 mikey knew about sanzu's plan and the truth is that i'm not too surprised, i came to think about it since this mikey is not the same one we knew

Tokyo Revengers chapter 258 begins with Mikey softly saying “Sanzu,” indicating that he had been aware of his subordinate’s plot to kill everyone all along. He then barks orders at his members to take advantage of the demoralized and beaten-down Toman and crush them once and for all. In the midst of it, Angry is seen sitting on the ground, defeated, implying that he lost to Mikey during their duel.

Meanwhile, Takemichi tries to rouse Kakucho, crying out that he hadn’t even thanked his friend yet. He breaks down and has a hard time accepting Kakucho’s death when Sanzu walks up to him with his katana. Mitsuya notices it and warns Takemichi, who unsteadily tries to fight Sanzu. Sanzu declares Takemichi, who has a kind heart, to be unfit for Mikey.

Taiju to the rescue

theres some irony in the fact sanzu wanted to hit people with the train and then gets hit by a motorcycle #tokyorevengers258 #tr258

As Sanzu raises his katana to strike a kneeling Takemichi, a figure enters the battlefield on a motorbike wearing Toman’s uniform. He calls out to Takemichi and jumps off the bike, letting it hit Sanzu and ram him to the side of the train. The person then calls Mitsuya, saying that the uniform is too small.

Hakkai stares at him in disbelief, while Kokonoi muses to Inui that Takemichi knows this person. Takemichi himself is astonished to see his savior, who turns out to be Taiju Shiba, the eldest of the Shiba Siblings. Tokyo Revengers chapter 258 reveals that Taiju Shiba is the current Captain of the 6th division of Tokyo Manji Gang 2nd Generation.

Final thoughts

me after seeing taiju and reading the whole tr 258 chapter:

From the first chapter of the final arc, fans had expected Taiju Shiba or Takeomi Akashi to appear by Takemichi’s side. While both men were first introduced as antagonists, they have since built a rapport with Takemichi, to whom they both are grateful. Additionally, both of their younger siblings have become embroiled in this battle between Toman and Kantou. Expecting them to return to the battle wasn't such a stretch.

Taiju Shiba is one of the strongest fighters in the series, and his showing up in Tokyo Revengers chapter 258 gives Toman hope and reinforcement. It is clear that Taiju has been in contact with his brother and Mitsuya and joined the Second Generation of Toman to aid Takemichi. The only glaring discrepancy is that he wasn’t present during the initiation of the new president.

Taiju Kun is here in Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 258 😱#tokyorevengers258 #tokyorevengers259 #TokyoRevengersSpoilers

It is unlikely that only Taiju’s presence will turn the tide, but it will inspire Toman members to keep fighting. Mikey knowing about Sanzu’s plan indicates that he has slipped too far into darkness and is now ready to use any means necessary to destroy his former friends. Against such a person, Taiju Shiba alone won’t amount to much unless further reinforcement arrives soon.

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